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Hey, my new book (e-books and paperback edition) is out. The subject of the book is, Is there a ‘design pattern’ in the evolution of Universe..?

I explore our ancient scriptures from Brhadharanyaka Upanishad, Samkhya kArika, ashtavakra Gita, Guru Gita, Chandogya Upanishad etc to establish this ‘design pattern’ found across quantum, classical, biological and even our thoughts domain.  If there is a design pattern, is the Universe deterministic or random.? I explore this too. Finally, what do we learn from such a design pattern for our lives..?

Just a word of caution. No pseudo-science here, though one may want to call the mappings as wishful thinking and yet to be proven. So please feel free to point out any errors either in the translation of texts or in the science concepts espoused here.

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The gist of the book

The fundamental design pattern of evolution in Universe across any domain has 3 components

  1. An observer of evolution which does not evolve but undergoes conformation changes
  2. A subject of evolution which keeps evolving
  3. Evolution itself caused by variation in 3 gunas – Sattva/Entropy, Rajas/Energy and Tamas/Mass.

The above design mantra can be seen in domains from Quantum, Classical,Biological and even our thoughts. How the above is gleamed from the scriptures is explained in the book.

So what is the lesson for human thoughts evolution from the above..? That’s also explained in the book.


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