Indra’s net …

What is the mystical Indra’s net..?  How do I become a node in that net..?
A birthday poem for wife’s birthday..
Castled inside the electron cloud
Reins the proton clear and loud
It is this protective electron cover
That makes protons powerful ever
Cobweb of protons and electrons abound
Protons at the eye; electrons spiraling around
Our Universe is just a mesh of atoms
Connected to each other in multiple stratums

Universe with matter and beings in it
Is the infinite expanse of ‘Indra’s net’
Immortal Indra, the un-decaying proton
Indrani is the electron cloud brawn..

Electrons connect atoms evolving existence
Speech (vak devi) connects minds evolving experience
Women connect families evolving societal power
Connecting and Evolving, Indrani’s nature

Indrani protects; Indrani connects;
Indrani makes all the Universe’s effects
Indrani makes Indra neutral and immortal
Without her, Indra left with no sparkle

You are the Indrani for the Indra in me
Castle that protects my soul and body
All my thoughts and actions due to you
Without you, there’s nothing I can do..

Happy Birthday dear..


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