a blustery morning


penelope “hold on a minute i’ll be right there”


jack “hi”


penelope “hi”


jack “hey is anybody yellowtail fishing at night”


penelope “what do you mean”


jack “are the boats going commercial fishing at night”


penelope “well yeah they just go on short notice though” 


jack “o i thought maybe i could go along”


jack “how much are the lobsters”


penelope “10 dollars a pound”


jack “awe i catch um diving most of the time”


penelope “well we buy lobsters”


jack “what if i catch a dozen can i sell them to you”


penelope “do you have a commercial licence”


jack “nah i havn’t got one”


penelope “awe yeah you need one of those”


jack “hey do you need any help?”


penelope “well what kind of experience do you have?”


“this was my first job when i moved here”


penelope “it was? when”


jack “10 years ago it was called lobster walk”


penelope “what was it called” 


jack “lobster walk”


penelope “o no kidding”


jack “yeah i worked on all of these tanks and used to fish on a boat called the bubba louie

and we had tropical fish tanks”


penelope “so did you work on boats before?”


jack “well yeah charterboats”


penelopes “o are you available?” 


jack “well yeah entirely available”


penelope “for real let me get you number”



penelope “i’ll call ya next week”



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