A desire of a 5 year old

Almost a year back Ishan had written a letter to Mr. President on Global Warming issues..:)) It was something that he came up with and I just encouraged him to complete the letter….I guess Medhajournal’s contest preparation, “Save the Planet” gave fodder to his thought…

It was almost a year that the letter was sent, and we lost hope of receiving any acknowledgement from The White House. Today it came as a pleasant surprise, a letter from The President and a Portrait with his autograph! It made a mom sigh of relief.. as I can now encourage Ishan to do tasks that may have some good outcome!



To Mr. President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                               
02 April 2009   

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am sending this letter hoping you will find time from your busy schedule to read my son’s letter that is enclosed with this cover letter.

Ishan Bhattacharjee is five years old boy, studying in Kindergarten at Gomes Elementary School, Fremont, California. 

Like many kids of this country, Ishan is very inspired by you being the President of the United States of America.  He often talks about you in his own innocent ways.  One day he expressed his desire to meet you at the White House.  I did not want to discourage his enthusiasm and asked him to write to you a letter about a subject that he think is of importance in this present date and time.

He decided to write to you in his own little way about global warming that he thought was of importance to all the citizen of this earth.  

I insisted on keeping the letter as appropriate for his age, without editing the letter.

It will make him very happy to hear some encouraging words from you. 

Ishan’s mother

Ishan Writes:

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I want to meet you at the White House and discuss with you abot Globel warming. I am Ishan Bhattacharjee. I study in Gomes Elementary School. My grade is Kindergarten.  Do you know wates happening to our world? It’s getting hotter and hotter and almost dieing. Green house gases and makeing that happen.  I want to discuss with you abot cause and effect. The green house gases are causeing globel warming.There are to many cars that are makeing green house gases.  thank you for saying we need less cars.

Love  Ishan





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