Before the Dream

In the long tunnel of dark, I travelled, visibility was zero

Couldn’t see where I was going or who’re with me…

Sounds, smells, tactility were my guides that led me through

What was real and what was not; no way to know and knew never.


In the Dream

Long, long was my night; and as black as an inky hell;

At the end, came the dawn serene, tranquil, so soothing

And wasn’t I glad, and thankful to You, my Ma, then

For bestowing me a dazzling daybreak to light my path!


After the Dream

What I knew prior wasn’t what I saw in my path lit by Ma

And they stayed poles apart in the brilliance of the day

As one was real or causal, the other was not either

It was the truth that turned my life perspective on its head.


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