A Shortcut to Meaningful Education – Introduction

The New Education Policy Draft was made and circulated widely in our country with the education panel asking for feedback and suggestions from one and all. This was perhaps the first time that crowd sourcing was used to build the policy, though it remains to be seen the extent to which the suggestions are implemented. However, what I found missing was a focussed brainstorming on each area of concern in the public arena which I am attempting to do via this series.


The requirement to build a short-cut to good education that helps to build skills and knowledge in every field

In just a quarter decade, close to a third of our population would be in the school going age. That would be about 40 crores – the entire population of USA. The potential of this humongous population can be our greatest asset if and only if we make QUICK, DECISIVE, INTELLIGENT decisions.

  • A vast majority of our population comes under the lower economic/poor category. Most of the children in this category tend to have little or no guidance on career and earning opportunities. They tend to follow the footsteps of the ones who are better-off at present.
  • This tends to create a lag in their preparedness, rendering them unfit for the market needs by the time they look for a job. The job that they sought when they were younger is now no longer relevant!
  • Sadly, the traditional professional skills of most communities are either dying out or are lost and these students are not keen to pursue these as they see no scope in them for the future.
  • Moreover, these students have been exclusively dependent on institutionalised education system to give them all inputs. This has caused them to fall behind even on social etiquette and behaviour, general knowledge, communication skills and the like.

How do we construct an education system that can reach out to these students, who form over two-thirds of our population when we combine the urban and rural areas? In this series, I am attempting to bring to the discussion group some of the areas that require attention…



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