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After one year working on Medha Journal, TMJ team is proud to launch the Medha Junior section for the younger generation. The TMJ team was inspired to add a junior section to Medha community as we believe that like adults, young children are creative and inquisitive by nature. Many of us grew up in a generation where media was limited to books, comics, newspaper, and television. Even with the restricted access to the media, we enjoyed traditional stories told by our grandparents, read books, comics that were sources to many tales and knowledge. We cherish our childhood and our rich heritage. We grew up in an environment untouched by violent video games, computer games, and other commercially lucrative multimedia and still we enjoyed and gained knowledge!!

The Internet is a powerful tool where we can interact with millions of people all over the world, learn and share information with each other. With Medha Journal we have attempted to create and retain a very healthy, congenial and safe place for people to express creativity and share views.

Our aim is to create a community for the younger generation, Medha Junior where children can go through a journey of educational and entertaining experience. We will create an environment where they will learn world’s traditional stories, play simple games and still have fun. Medha Junior will be a community to learn world knowledge such as geography, history, non-English languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, French and so on. This will be a corner where children can share tips on excelling in homework, express creativity through poetries, paintings, music, animations and so on. Medha Junior will be a positive, safe, fun and educational community for age groups (4-17) to nurture development and encourage inquisitive nature of our younger generation and yet retain their innocence!

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