Come…Let us grow our Medha Capital!

Mission statement
Medha Journal’s mission is to nurture a creative and intellectually stimulating platform for creative thinkers, to collectively grow in capability and knowledge as a community through sharing, learning and connecting.

What is Medha Journal?

“Medha” is the Sanskrit word for Wisdom. We are a web space where all creative thinkers can share, impart and learn from each other. We are focused on creating a trusted global community of thinkers, writers and artists, through collaboration and collective integration. With original, author-generated content, we offer a trustworthy and creative social network unlike any other.

What can you access in Medha Journal?

We take pride in being a community where scholars, teachers, learners, writers, creative thinkers and artists discuss topics ranging from Traditional Knowledge Systems, Classical Philosophy and Metaphysics, Religion, Spiritual Traditions, Holistic Practices, History, Politics, Current Affairs and Arts (original paintings, photographs, sculptors), to name a few. The Medha community has already accumulated a wealth of user-generated original content of Indic Systems with creative, original, and engaging discussions. Being a dynamic community, we are growing our Medha (knowledge) capital every day.

Who owns your creative work?

You have the copyright of your own creative work. In order to share your creative work with other Medhavis (members, readers), you have to register (sign up) in Medhajournal, accepting standard terms and conditions of Medhajournal.

Who is behind Medhajournal?

Medhajournal is supported by its loyal community of Medhavis, who are global citizens from all walks of life (scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, philosophers, writers, journalists, editors, architects, teachers, school kids, holistic medicine practitioners, social
entrepreneurs, professionals and many others), having their sight on a common goal — to provide a treasure-trove of Wisdom, Knowledge and Creative expressions for the world.

Why should you be a part of the Medha community?

The Medha family is not only a forum to connect with other
creative thinkers, users, writers and artists, but you will also get to access their original work, share your original work and comment on engaging features with your peers. The Medha community encourages and showcases budding writers and artists and provides a platform for authors, readers, artists and art-lovers to connect and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Connect with other readers, writers and artists, access original work, and comment on engaging features.

  • Readers are connected by common quest for knowledge, engaging discussions, appreciation for creative work
  • Writers are connected through their literary and scholarly expressions
  • Artists are connected through their creative expressions

Express and Share
Share your original work and comment on engaging features with your peers.

  • Knowledge through original, thought-provoking content, well-researched articles and scholarly papers
  • Creativity through originally created art- work Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Music, Animations, Documentaries
  • Life-Experiences through travelogues, stories of holistic living, Alternative or Complementary Medicine, etc.


  • From the well researched content
  • About the Wisdom and Traditions of the world
  • Of Alternative view-points and perspectives on topics that make the world go round

Here is a community that not only encourages experts from their respective fields to collaborate, but this community also encourages artists (art from all walks of life), scholars, arm-chair philosophers, professional philosophers, scientists (age no bar) to join us and help us build the ultimate medium for creative expression. With like-minded, smart, articulate and creative people who are our beloved Medhavis (Sanskrit for Wise Ones) to appreciate each other, we can say with pride, that there is no turning back once you join the Medha family!


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