abstract Capitalism

    If we look to the stratosphere we notice the clouds or the variations of the hue of the horizon above us.  If we see where we are standing we get to the realization that we are on a planet.  If our feet are anchored as we give thought to where we are…on a planet infact…


    How is our social structure or our outlook on the earth itself.  Even in a social capitalist mapout of things all merchants or business owners will be granted capitalism to the fullest extent if the right chart is drafted…


    For a merchantile, if we had a woven rug, someone is an expert in that trade.  Someone else is a builder who is skilled as a master craftsman.  The owner of a farm does perhaps hire his sudra class workers to tend to his fields.


    If we see a diligent farm worker, how are we to percieve someone who developed the skill or work ethic to work in the farm fields if the sudra is weighed out against the merchant or even a brahmin?  For the brahmin to meet the farmhand or the merchant on equal ground the ethical level of either one is the question.  If his aquired knowhow is in his area of work.  Is the diligent farm worker an equal even to a broker who is able to maintain all of his financial records.  In a capitalist market the broker will overtake the sudra working in the farm field.  One good question is how we can see potential in someone or how to know the next right thing to teach someone else who is well on their path.


    If a girl is a model who is creative enough to start a trend? It might be a blouse or a discrete outfit?  The abstraction finds a medium…


    If one culture developed or has maintained itself who has the right to infringe on it.  In Canada we see tradition the same as we will see traditional values in South America.  If the custom in a fishing village in Cuba is for the lobsterman or fishermen either sell their catch at the boat or at a small market place in town.  If the lobsterman has his own scale he can run his proprietorship at his own dock.  If the fishermen is able to deliver his catch to someone who is able to distribute it into the cities it is their right to own or maintain their boats or manage whatever finance is involved in the business.  The concept of tax is one of the aspects of how to finance the political spectrum.  How to build a peaceful social environment that rises far higher in all of the multifaceted aspects of a global free market is our question…


    One writer might work on current events for a newspaper.  Someone else might write indepth fiction that applies to what is going on in the world or the social atmosphere.


    For a brahmin…is the man a Hare Krishna or a Taoist or perhaps a Buddhist?


    …is his perspective integrated?



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