Adi Shankara’s Brahma jnAna vali mAla

mahAperiyavA says, Brahma vidya is the biggest of the vidyas, which is realizing that all matter/beings are same. It’s not just knowing it intellectually, but realizing it from our ‘self’. Such realization from self is Atma vidhya. To acquire Atma vidya one has to strengthen their ‘self’ by learning all other sAstras. Hence sAstras including those like that of Mathematics (sciences) are the basis of Atma vidya.

Adi Shankara’s brahma jnAna vali mAla teaches brahma vidhya ‘prajnAna is realization of inactive, observing self, vijnAna is strengthening the enjoying self for realization’ (as mahaperiyava says)

That brahmam ever exists(true) as sAksi in us, the observer, while worlds rise and fall (lie), as that are seen”

Matter and Radiation are simply energy. Through science, we infer this as Energy-Momentum or Consciousness-signaling couple, the shiva-shakti. Shiva is Energy or Consciousness, the witnessing inactive self. Shakti is the momentum or signaling, the active enjoying self. But in reality, they cannot be separated.

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