After “waking”, realize that no one was really asleep!

People are mystified with or annoyed at people who have woken up making statements like “all you need is to be silent/still” or “nothing needs to be done”.

For those who have spent years trying to “get something” – energy, grace, etc, is an assumption that they are somehow incomplete and will be fulfilled when they “get some thing”. Years of toiling, practice, austerities, thinking pile on. But mostly there are moments of experiences of “bliss”, a glimpse here, a taste there, and the elusive “awakeness” keeps playing hide and seek!

But there really is nothing to “get”. There is a lot to give up though.

The reason is simply because there is nothing one gets from the “outside”, that wakes you up. In a sense no one really was asleep, so no one wakes up. What goes away is the mistaken identification and sense of bondage.

All that is needed is simply that — give up the mistaken notions of bondage and simply trace the culprit back to its source. The culprit is the mind, and the 10,000 things it creates.

It seems so hard because it calls for a type of undoing that is counterintuitive. The mind likes to do this and that. It’s job is to solve problems and subdivide one into many. So simply letting it be seems like the hardest thing to do. But all is needed is, to not get swayed by its fluctuations. Just keep watching it and trace it back to its root.

But yet, people struggle for years on end, unable to understand this. There are massive tomes written about the adhikāratva (worthiness) of a seeker to get Self-realization. I’m not saying that they are unfounded, but at the same token, if The Self is verily the true nature of each and every being, then how can any individual not be an adhikāri (worthy)?

In Daoism, we have concepts of “Letting Go” and “Getting out of your own way”. These two concepts are very important in Self-realization.

What do we let go of? All the old habits and patterns that we identify ourselves with.

How do we get out of our own way? By dropping the identification with and stop acting according to the whims of our personality (ego).

It is really that simple. But it is also very difficult. Primarily because of the many layers of crud that seems to hide the light that is our True Nature.

For one moment just give up being this or that. Stop everything else! Become aware of the light that you truly are…Pure Awareness, without which knowing itself won’t be possible.

Do you not see the light that is shining from behind the dark clouds?

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