Akash’s Poems – Robins

A six year old boy composes beautiful poems!  The first poem is for  the robin bird who has decided to have 3 sets of kids (each time 4 baby robins) on his front door.

Bird Russel is on the bushes
In the misty swishes
In the time she got frozen
she got to be a dozen
The flowers smell so sweety sweet
Hello birdie, tweety tweet
Berries are my favourite thing
Birds and Flowers, it is spring
In the misty haze
there is a little blaze
Its a little bit scary
Like something that is hot and weary
There is one cat who is wary of another cat
One has a purple hat and the other has a yellow hat
Both of them want to nibble on Mrs Rat.

Akash is my dear friend’s son.  Mommy is very encouraging!!  The budding poet is definitely worthy of encouragement!!

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