An African Odyssey

Jambo! That is how they say “Hello” in Kenya and Tanzania. The following video is the confluence of some music that I had composed,  inspired by glorious sunrises I witnessed during my travels to Kenya and Tanzania in June this year.

Africa is a beautiful continent – the energy there is primal and vibrant. Being on the Equator, the energy naturally is highly active, or in the daoist parlance, very Yang.  The people are very kind and friendly, and the natural beauty is breath-taking.

The following video is a result of two weeks of traveling, photos taken on my trusted Canon EOS450D with a wide-angle zoom lens and touched up in Adobe Lightroom. The music was composed in my home studio, using Ableton Live 10 software, with the Ableton Push 2 controller, and a musicman JP13 guitar, Mesa boogie TC50 tube amplifier and some guitar effects. The vocals were by yours truly, as are the lyrics etc.

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