An analysis of sabda and vAk – Part 4


Like speech is the expression of beings, this Universe is the expression of that Atman.

Like speech carries the ‘knowledge’, the Universe carries the ‘matter’ forms. These matter forms are the ‘information content’, ‘entropy’ of Universe or ‘Veda’ or ‘Knowledge’ of Universe.

Thus ‘we’ the matter and beings of the Universe are ‘thoughts/knowledge’ of that Atman, that arises from its consciousness, the quantum oscillations of the vacuum.

Three stages of expression

There are three stages of expression of human speech as described in vakyapadiya.

  1. From arising of thoughts (pazyanti)
  2. Thoughts instructing the vocal chords to compress/expand (internals, the madhyama) and
  3. Vocal chords producing sound (external, the vaikhari)

There are three stages of expression of Universe as described in Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 164

  1. On which the laws of Universe are seated first – apazyam
  2. Charactertized by dhrAji/Force/sweep causing the rupA – madhyama/visuvata
  3. Characterized by power of speech/expression – vaikhAri

I mapped them to the three stages of expression of Universe in the following way.

  1. Force-fields with energy manifesting in force-fields as quanta/particles. This is the Quantum manifestation of Universe (pazyanti)
  2. Interactions of force-fields/particles resulting in stable, structured matter forms. This is the emergence of Classicality (madhyama)
  3. External expressions of matter. This is the thermodynamics that propels the evolution of Universe (vaikhari).


  1. Quantum manifestation, 
  2. Emergence of Classicality and 
  3. Thermodynamics 

are the three stages of expressions of Universe. The fourth  is the para, which are the background quantum oscillations of vacuum.

The manifestations of prajna

According to Yajnavalkya, this four-fold vAg with Brahman resident in it, is the ‘prajna’ of the Universe.  This ‘Prajna’, the consciousness is four-fold.  Yajnavalkya goes on to describe this prajna, vAg of the Universe in terms of these four parts, as seen from prajnA, the consciousness of a human being.

The four folds of vAg in terms of prajnA, the consciousness of human being are

  1. prAna – The quantum manifestation of Universe.  This is the ekibhuta prajna. The first visible activity of prajna in human expression or Universe’s expression.
  2. Hrdaya – The emergence of classicality (through Quantum entanglement). This is the antah prajna. Prajna performing internal entanglement (of organs/matter particles/force-fields) leading to stable matter/beings.
  3. Caksu, Zrotram – The thermodynamics part of Universe. This is bahis-prajna. Prajna causing external interactions and evolution of matter forms.
  4. Manas – This is the ‘virtual’ that causes quantum de-coherence, loss of information, driving the evolution of matter forms and beings. This is the sarvajjna that ‘knows’ all the above three.

prAna – The Rudras

On the four dimensional spacetime of Unvierse, different types of force-fields emerge and get diverged. For eg. an unified force splits into ElectroWeak and strong force which further splits into Electromagnetic, Weak and strong force-fields. This is the pazyanti stage of Universe’s expression, the quantum manifestation.

Brhadharaynyaka Upanishad – 3.10.4

katame rudrā iti; daśeme puruṣe prāṇā ātmaikādaśaḥ; te yadāsmāccharīrānmartyādutkrāmantyatha rodayanti; tadyadrodayanti tasmādrudrā iti 

What are the Rudras..?  The ten prAnas of Purusha with Atma eleven, those which ascends/rises the ‘mortal sarira’, vibrating/weeping at the lowest level. That which vibrates therefore they are rudra. roda in translated as ‘weeping’. It is ‘vibrating’.  antya is the lowest levels.

In a moral sarira/object that which vibrates at the lowest level are the ‘force-fields’. Because they vibrate they are called ‘ru-dras’. These ten rudras or ten force-fields  (become eleven with Atma) are the prAna of the Purushas.

The excitation of these rudras, the force-fields causes the Yajna/evolutionary process of the Universe to be performed. The force-fields (rudra) themselves cannot evolve. The excitations (kAma) of the force-fields (rudra) causes the manifestation and interaction of matter forms and evolve the Universal matter forms.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad – Sloka 4.1.3

Yajnavalkya says prAna is invoked as ‘priyam’. Preyas are desires. Priyam is binding that comes out of those desires. Because something is binding/priyam, it becomes dear/loved one.

prAna, whether as force-fields/rudra or breathing are the fundamental metabolism of evolution, where energy is taken in, used and given out.

“prāṇasya vai samrāṭ kāmāya ayājyaṃ yājayati, apratigṛhyasya pratigṛhṇāti, api tatra vadha aśaṅkaṃ bhavati yāṃ diśameti prāṇasyaiva samrāṭ kāmāya”

Yajnavalkya says “Emperor, by excitation of prAna,  those that are not capable of yajna, they do the Yajna.  Of those not accepted, they are accepted. Also there manifests fear of death/destruction in whichever disa the prAna is excited”.

Yajna, the sacrifice is the evolutionary process of Universe. What is this prAna, whose excitation causes those that are not capable of Yajna/evolving to perform the evolution..?

The Rudras, the force-fields of the Universe, when they are excited with energy, they make those that are not capable of being part of evolution to become part of evolution.

Hrdayam – Emergence of Classicality – Stability and Shape

As the force-fields, the rudras get excited with energy, they interact with each other resulting in the quantum properties of these particles getting entangled. Also their force interactions lead to larger matter structures with shape and stability. Thus classicality emerges from the quantum manifestation.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad – Sloka 4.1.7

Yajnavalkya says “sthitir ityenad upāsīta”. Hrdaya is invoked as ‘sthithi’ which is stability. The Sthiti is the emergence of classicality on top the quantum manifestation of Universe, which is the pazyanti stage.

hṛdayaṃ vai samrāṭ sarveṣāṃ bhūtānāmāyatanam, hṛdayaṃ vai samrāṭ sarveṣāṃ bhūtānāṃ pratiṣṭhā, hṛdaye hyeva samrāṭ sarvāṇi bhūtāni pratiṣṭhitāni bhavanti;

All the bhutas (matter forms) reside on hrdayam. Hrdayam is the pedestal on which all the bhutas (matter forms) get situated.

In Br. Up. 3.9.20, it is said that Hrdaya is what is inside and causes the ‘rupA’ the form/shape.  Thus hrdaya causes the external rupA as well as ‘sthithi’.

What is that hrdaya that causes the stability and structure in Universe..?  It is emergence of Classicality. What causes the emergence of Classicality..?

Science says Quantum entanglement causes the emergence of Classicality.  This Quantum entanglement is the ‘Hrdaya’, the heart that entangle with all other organs in human beings.

In human beings, the first organ system to be formed is Hrdaya. All other organs emerge from that in a way, entangled.

Thus Hrdaya, the Quantum entangelement/Classicality is the madhyama in the middle of the Universe’s expression as well as human expression.

Caksu/ Zrotram – Point and Path functions of Thermodynamics

As quantum entanglements and interactions (Hrdaya) lead to more ‘classicality’ view of particles, larger matter structures with stability and shape form.  These matter forms imbibe a lot of energy in various forms in them.

This energy that matter forms have is the ‘thermal energy’. This thermal energy could manifest as vibrations of particles, atomic bonds, molecular bonds, occupying of more space and volume due to kinetic energy or repulsive forces of particles etc.

Thus energy locked in matter evolves the Universe further through thermodynamics as the most outward form of expression, the vaikhari.

There are two functions in thermodynamics. CakSu, the point functions and zrotram the path functions.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad – Sloka 4.1.4

Yajnavalkya says Caksu is invoked as Satyata. Satya is what exists. Satyata is existence. Satya is truth, because truth is ‘what exists’.

What brings Satyata, the existence..?

Yajnavalkya says

“cakśuṣā vai samrāṭ paśyantam āhur adrākśīr iti, sa āhā adrākśam iti, tat satyaṃ bhavati”. 

“Emperor, with cakSus,  observing(pazyantam)  , it is said, fixed-eyed (adra akSir), with fixed eyes (adr aksam)  they say, that existence/truth manifests”

Existence/truth (satyata) manifests with pointed observations. The pointed observations are performed with cakSu.

In Universe’s expression, cakSu are the ‘point functions’ of thermodynamics, that perform pointed observations of different properties of matter like internal energy, pressure, volume, temperature etc. These point functions bring up the existence of matter or manipulate the matter forms.

cakSu are ‘organ of observing’ (like point functions). Our eyes give us pointed observations. Hence they are cakSu.

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad – Sloka 4.1.5

Yajnavalkya says Zrotram is invoked as anantata. ananta is endless. anantata is endlessness. This zrotram is ‘disa’ says Yajnavalkya.

tasmādvai samrāḍapi yāṃ kāṃ ca diśaṃ gacchati naivāsyā antaṃ gacchati, anantā hi diśoḥ; diśo vai samrāṭ śrotram,

Whichever disa they go, they don’t go to the end. Endless is the disa. This endless disa is zrotram.

‘disa’ are the directions.  The directions are the thermodynamic process paths. A thermodynamic process path is the path or series of states through which a system passes from an initial equilibrium state to a final equilibrium state. There are an infinite number of possible paths (ananta) from an initial point to an end point in a process.

This ‘disa’, the thermodynamic process paths are the ‘zrotram’. Zrotram is called ‘hearing’  as hearing involves infinite paths to our ear, what we can hear is endless, unlike what we see.

Manas  – Quantum oscillations that create new forms

Brhadharanyaka Upanishad – Sloka 4.1.6

Yajnavalkya says ‘Manas’ is invoked as Anandata. What is it..?

Yanjavalkya says

“manasā vai samrāṭ striyam abhihāryate, tasyāṃ prati rūpaḥ putro jāyate, sa ānando”

‘Manas’ is certainly (vai) the property of Stri (striyam) that (when) captivated, from that are born the putra, similar/each rupA, that  Ananda.

kAma is excitation (or desire). When that excitation leads to new manifestations it is called ‘nanda’. Hence nanda is used to denote joy as well as ‘son’.  Ananda means joyful, manifesting new forms.

In terms of Universe expression, Stri are quantum oscillations of the vacuum. They are the para. Manas is this property of quantum oscillations of vacuum, which when captured by matter forms lead to excitation into new matter forms.

Summary of Brhadharanyaka Upanishad 4.1

Brahman resides in vAg. vAg is prajna. vAg has four parts. They are prAna, Hrdaya, Caksu, Zrotram and Manas.

Speech – vakyapadiyaPrajna – Manifestation
of Consciousness-
Universe’s expressionUniverse visualized
as biological being

Pazyanti –

The first manifestation


prAna by whose


Yajna goes on

The force-fields

whose excitations

lead to evolution

Force-fields is the


basic metabolism

of Universe

Madhyama –

In the middle –

Invoking Vocal chords

Hrdaya – On which

all bhutas exist

Classicality – Sthithi

Quantum entanglement


Quantum Entanglement

is the Heart the first

organ system to


Heart is entangled with

all other organs.

VaikhAri –

The outward

expression –

The sphota/dvani


cakSu (Eye) –

Observation points



dra-akSam, satyata

Zrotram (Ear) –

Infinite path,

in multiple directions

disa, anantata

Thermodynamics –

Point and Path functions

Intensive and Extensive

properties of matter-

Point functions of


that makes the matter

observable are the Eyes

of Universe

Path functions

whose value

depends on the path.

For eg. Work done,

Heat etc whose value

depends on the path

are the ‘Ears’ of Universe

Para –

Beyond all the three

Manas that propels new


Quantum oscillations of

vacuum that invokes

quantum de-coherence

across all the three stages

leading to new


Quantum oscillations

which when

captured, leads to new

manifestation is manas

of Universe.

If Universe is like our biological body, then

  1. Force-fields are is ‘breathing’, because force-field excitations are the first/visible metabolic activity of this (Universe) body.
  2. Quantum entanglement/Classicality is its ‘Heart’, because from entanglement/classicality comes all parts of this body and this entanglement runs all parts of the body.
  3. Intensive/Extensive properties of matter are is ‘eyes’, because these properties give specific points that Atman can observe. Eyes add to information content of our brain, but is limited. Similarly these properties of matter that arise, add to entropy of Universe, but limited.
  4. Work done, Heat are its ‘ears’, because like ears that add information content to our brain in unlimited ways, but needs to go through a process to become information, Work/Heat etc add entropy to Universe in unlimited ways, but have to go through a process to become entropy.
  5. Quantum oscillations is the ‘manas’ of this Atman because like manas which when captivated leads to new beings born, quantum oscillations when captivating the other three forms of expression lead to new forms of matter.

More to come

Mandukya Upanishad


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