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An interesting article at this link.

on Lord Muruga and also my favorite funny theory AIT/ATT.

The first paragraph of this AIVS article refers to Subramanya as SanatKumara. [ Please refer my earlier Medha article at this link.

Also, Marut  ,[ Beauty] as the article points out being the root name for Muruga is an interesting angle.

Muruga  also means "Beautiful one " in Tamil. Coincidence?

This  article about Lord Muruga/ Subramanya reminded me again of the pages of Deivathin Kural -a compilation of lectures by the former head of the Kanchi Math Shri Chandra Sekaraendra Saraswathy swamigal.

I had read parts of the series of books a few years  after college and I read that again now as this weblink talks about a similar concept.

 The Kanchi saint in Deivathin Kural [ The voice divine] talks about the Agni origins of this Son of shiva.

I am giving below what I read, in my words.

Kumara  was born of fire and  in those times he visited the Earth to protect the Vedas , he returned to his Lokha through fire.

Amsavataras of Lord Muruga

Kumarila Bhatta[ charya] was a contemporary of Adi Shankara but his path was that of the Meemamsa .

He denounced the Buddhistic ideas of his times and for this purpose, he once had to join their monastery to gain complete knowledge about that path. [ I am avoiding the word "religion"]

For that, he had to pose as a Buddhist and he joined a monastery based on the false credentials.

But his eyes would fill up everytime he heard his Buddhist Gurus denounce the Vedas and this gave him away.

The Gurus decided to push him from the seventh floor of the Vihaara [ to digress here,Poor, weak-in -the structural-sciences type of ancient Indians built multi -storeyed buildings?]

He prayed as he was about to be pushed, "If the Vedas are true, let them protect me!"

His life was saved but he hurt his eye in the fall.

Dear Medhavi readers,  I don't have to tell you that the hurt was caused by the "if "clause.

But he felt remorse about the  "Guru droha " he had commited and searched the Shastra books so that he could find a suitable punishment for himself.

He found a book which said, such a person should die a slow death by fire ,as an atonement.

"We, if we had found such  a book , we would have thrown the book in to the fire !"Says the humorous Swamiji.

But Kumarila decided to punish himself and it was then , when he was burning himself, Shankara rushed in to meet him and the two great men subsequently discussed Advaita.

The Amsavataara thus having met Shankara /Shiva returned to Skanda Lokha through Agni.

The second Avatar was the saint ThirugnanaSambhandar who spent his short life working on  similar reforms .

He reconverted a converted Pandya back to Shaivism.

And on the day he got married , he too returned to Skanda Lokha through Agni/ Jyothi-it is said that he, his bride and all those who attended the wedding merged with the jyothi.

The AIVS article also talks about Agni being Kumari's [ Kanya] lover.

This made me wonder as the [ Kanya] Kumari we know is one of Parvati's forms and she happens to be an unmarried maiden [ Yang-less ,in other words] thanks to Narada's successful stopping of her wedding to Lord Shiva.

So there she is , the maiden who has been guarding our shores since yeons.

But the Kumari [ or Kanya] that is associated with Kumara [ Kalidasa  refers to Muruga as Kumara, the eternal youth] might be his Shakthi/ energy and as I think over this, I am also reminded of the Saptha Kanni [ Kanya] worship in TN.

Sometimes mere stones or bricks are used as markers where seven aspects of the sacred feminine are worshipped.

I have seen these markers in the open couryards of village temples and the reverence with which people worship the Saptha Kanyas/ Maathas.

They are also worshipped using idols /Moorthys with attributes .

Indrani the Shakthi of Indra, Maheshwari the Shakthi of Maheshwara , Vaishnavi the Shakthi of Vishnu and Kaumari [ Kumari] the Shakthi of Kumara are some of the seven aspects and it is interesting to note that the Shakthi of Kumara is Kumari and not the deities we worship as his consorts.

The sacred feminine , it seems, is a concept that is firmly rooted in our collective psyches.

The snake ‘Kundalini?] connection of Lord Muryga comes to mind too.

We hear about how parts of Kashmir , in ancient times , practiced snake worship .

The names of places that end with "Naag" point to this fact.

It really takes a very fertile imagination to believe that there was an "Aryan" religion as against a "Dravidian"one.

The positive evidences that  prove to us that, we are the proud descendants of an ancient , SINGLE/homogenous culture always gladdens the heart.

It's something we are aware of  already,but gladdens us nevertheless, when the evidences show up.

I am just speculating here on some issues and I may have posted this in pure excitement too.

Medhavi readers can surely throw more light on this issue.

There is some information in the article about the divine builder Maya too .

 I think there is a lot of correlations we can make that are based on what we know [which is not very much in yours truly's case.]

But what is really intriguing in this whole concept of thinking and linking is this.

There is so much more to be researched and there are so many of us who know a little here and there .

And the barriers of language and distance  can be bridged too thanks to English and the internet respectively.

What we need to do is to correlate ,correct [ each other] ,discuss, brain storm and bring together the truth that is untainted by motivated "research."

[And I should add, this is where a website like TMJ helps.]


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