Anandam Paramanandam

Here’s a song from the  Malayalam movie Jagadguru Adisankaran [ 1977] .

The film may seem different from G V Iyer’s version as it caters  to a much wider audience.

The original was in Malayalam which was dubbed in to Tamil .Tamil TV channel Raj plus shows this movie once  a while and I try not to miss it when they show. 

The video of the song  can be found at  this link 

If I manage to post this video ,I would post some more songs that I spent some time searching for in the internet sometime ago.

 Acror Murali Mohan plays Adisankara in the movie and this is one of the songs penned by the director of the movie P.Bhaskaran.

 Sung by the stalwart K J Jesudas this song brings a tear to our eye and a mighty choke to our throats.

This is in praise of the divine mother with whom the soul of the great Guru merges at the end of this song.

The sound of temple bells makes a fitting finale to the song . 

Play on and also listen to the concept Shivoham elaborated in Malayalam at the very end.

[ Yaan Bhoomi alla. Yaan Akashamum alla-I am neither the Earth; nor the sky].

Music is by the genius composer V .Dhakshinamoorthy. It touches a chord deep within.Flute has been used effectively all through the song .  

I watched a dubbed version of this movie as a kid and suddenly last Navrathri was nostalgic about the song .I searched for it and found it in

I also found there were equally nostalgic people who were searching for this song and was led to the site thanks to them. 

How ever  I am still trying to get a CD of this movie to add to my collection.




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