Annapoorneswari Stotram

Shiva is Energy. Uma is quiet potential energy and durgA is ‘impassable’ kinetic energy of matter forms. Easwari is the sum of these two, the internal energy of matter forms.

Every matter/biological form becomes the ‘food’ or ‘anna’ of each other. That’s how Universe sustains, grows and evolves. This process of becoming food (annam) of each other happens through ‘chemical reactions’.

The complete (poornam) energy (easwari) that comes out of chemical reaction (anna), is more than the internal energy (easwari) of a matter form and is called ‘Enthalpy’. It includes the work done on the matter form by the environment, to make it occupy some space.

H = U (Internal energy of a system) + PV (work done on the system)

This ‘Enthalpy’ is the Anna-poora-easwari.

As enthalpy is the basis of all matter and life evolution in Universe, we invoke that enthalpy to become basis of our personal evolution.

In our dharma, bhakti is a path to realize jnAnA.

In this stotram, the jnAnA we realize is we are capable of gaining or losing energy from environment (through food for body or food for thought), can deliver more than just our internal energy based on environment in anything we perform.

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