As India sleeps Pakistan goes nuclear

Nuclearisation of Pakistan
The following You tube Programme called YAUM-E-TAKBEER is very interesting from the view point of India and Israel. How the CIA was fooled by the Pakistan ISI and national security establishment is really absorbing. One does not see any improvement in the level of CIA ASSESSMENT even recently. Pakistan establishments’ dependence on Dawood Ibrahims smugglers network in getting it’s nuke deterrence and acknowledging it openly must be an eye opener for all Indians and why he is such a precious asset for Pakistan and he is not going to be repatriated at all.This also must make every Indian to think about the connection and blackmail terror this ruthless don can bring upon the Big cats of Indian industry.
It is also an interesting acknowledgment that Pakistan air force was worried about Israel Airforce and not Indian Airforce to protect its assets shows the level of Pakistan’s knowledge about our preparedness.
The photos of the nuclear enrichment plant with thousands of centrifuges working, missiles in its silos,the mathematical tables stolen from US are all very fascinating photographs.
The underlying Fanaticism involved in the nuclearisation of Pakistan must awaken our socalled seminarists  who follow the lead of western think tanks.
The collapse of the BCCI and the drug money involved in it with leading US policy makers of that time like then Defense secretary Ramsey clark should make Indians wary of the present American leadership
which can be black mailed in similar way .

The following link about General Hamid Gul’s views on Taliban’s demands given in october should also
be viewed by Indians .
The Islamic Caliphate being promoted by some in the USA ruling class under the leadership of Saudi arabia with active connivance of Zalmay Khalizad, Prince Bandar, some in Pakistan army and ruling class should wake us up.This class is actively promoting a war between Iran and Israel so that the region controlled by  UAE, Saudi arabia  can escape with much better clout from the mayhem.They also want to see a war between India and Pakistan so that they benefit from this finacially and can rule this area after the war with both nations lying devasted.

India must actively work for peace between Israel and Iran.

Indian nukes must also have as its target UAE and Saudi arabia as most of the wealth of the Pakistan ruling class is invested there and a portion of Islamic nuclear asset is likely to be hidden there.


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