André Malraux on India and Bangladesh

This is a translation of two web pages about the French writer André Malraux, and his views on India and Bangladesh, published by the “Association pour la Diffusion de la Pensée Française” (Association for the Spread of French Thought), Ministère des Affairs Etrangères (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

I am grateful to the ADPF for permission to translate these web pages.

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The Unity of India

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}his article1 is an attempt to explore the idea of an India – to see whether the idea is meaningful, and if so, to trace the birth and the evolution of the idea. Was this concept indigenous to India? Was it a bequest by outsiders, or invaders, or colonizers? Chronologies are rarely given – the reader can pick her/his favorite dates for the various Purānas and epics; it should not matter to the conclusions we have drawn.

An English authority, Sir John Strachey, had this to say about India:
… this is the first and most essential thing to learn about India – that there is not and never was an India or even any country of India, possessing according to European ideas, any sort of unity, physical, political …2

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