A desire of a 5 year old

Almost a year back Ishan had written a letter to Mr. President on Global Warming issues..:)) It was something that he came up with and I just encouraged him to complete the letter….I guess Medhajournal’s contest preparation, “Save the Planet” gave fodder to his thought…

It was almost a year that the letter was sent, and we lost hope of receiving any acknowledgement from The White House. Today it came as a pleasant surprise, a letter from The President and a Portrait with his autograph! It made a mom sigh of relief.. as I can now encourage Ishan to do tasks that may have some good outcome!

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Drug Industries to cure or treat?

Sample ImageI am bitter from past few days!! The company that I worked for almost wrapped up its business. I worked for a biotechnology industry that did research for cancer therapy. The drug was unique and the therapy was personalized to a patient and to its specific cancerous tumor cells. The philosophy of the drug was to cure the patient by stimulating patient’s immune system

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Miracle can give you some extra time in your life. Here is a story of a man whose life was saved by a miracle? A man’s life was saved by a chance handshake with a doctor, who diagnosed him with a life-threatening tumor. Mark Gurrieri, 36, was working at a restaurant when a friend there for lunch introduced him to his dining partner, GP Chris Britt, 46, of Woodford Green, Essex.

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s new fiction short story called

Jhumpa Lahiri's new fiction short story called "Hell-Heaven" on The New Yorker times. Her writing is very simple but yet interesting to read. Her writing style reminds me of a well known 19th century Bengali writer called Sharath Chandra Chattopadhyay. Like Sharath Chandra she writes about day to day human relationships and complexities in them….


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