Valuing the Feminine


Sex ratio drops in many parts of India due to female foeticide/infanticide
Woman burnt alive due to dowry
Infant girl abandoned next to a dust bin
Educated professional women finding it difficult to find husbands
Sex crimes against women on the rise

All of us are familiar with the above headlines. They repeat with sickening regularity in the

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The Global Warming Monotheism

There are very few among us who is not aware that Global Warming (GW) has become one of the most talked about issues for the last few years. GW talk has reached a crescendo in the last few months, the pattern of which is not too different from the way stocks behave just before the market crashes. This article seeks to list both sides of the issues, and present a third viewpoint from an individualist perspective.

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Hinduism, Nation-State and Immigration


As an immigrant to America, a voter of a nation-state and as a practicing Hindu, I observe no contradiction in these three identities. I am however, dismayed at how many people view these issues with mutual exclusiveness, and expect people to be on one side of the fence or the other. Those on the “right” root for strong borders with strict immigration restrictions, deportation of illegals and the like. Those on the “left” root for open borders, free immigration, citizenship for illegals and the like. America is building a wall on the Mexican border, India and a host of other countries are erecting fences. Bush is thinking of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and is facing opposition from his own party.

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A Different Take on Marriage


 Ever since the internet became popular, starting with newsgroups, followed by managed websites and to the current day of bloggers, if there's one desi topic that's generated a large number of opinions, comments, heated discussions, it's the topic of arranged and love marriages and their related benefits and drawbacks. The participants usually belong to one of the two camps: Traditionalists who claim that arranged marriages create a harmonious society, low divorce rate, stable environment vs. the Modernists who claim that arranged marriages go against personal freedom (especially for women), are subtly forced, and create a boring, sexually frustrated society. The two camps have been talking past each other, each getting shriller than the other.


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The Caste Non-System

It is only recently that Hindus are discovering that the terms of discussion for Indic practices have been conducted for the last few centuries primarily based on Western terms, standards and nomenclature. It is only in the last decade or so that Hindus have started looking at themselves through their own eyes and worldview, rather than blindly accepting what non-Hindus have perceived their culture to be. Among all their practices, if there one nomenclature that has been blindly accepted most by Hindus without any debate is: The Caste System. This article does not debate the merits and demerits of Caste and its origins (since it has been documented thousands of times and is available everywhere over the internet), but it solely focuses on the name under which it is commonly known, because as we shall see, nomenclature means a lot.

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