Ayurveda in the US Midwest

I posted the question on the Facebook side of MJ, but probably here is the more appropriate forum. 

I always wanted to know. what are the reasons, that the Midwest USA is lacking an Ayurvedic college? Is it some state regulations (but there are TCM schools)? Is it a bad business decision? (not enough students/interest?, expensive rents/taxes?)

I believe the time and the people here are ripe for it. Chicago did change a lot in recent years and I believe is turning into quite awaken city with numerous clubs, centers and events focused on health, spirituality and human development.

I wrote to 2 of the colleges I am aware of (Kerala and CAISH in Canada). I am sure they will recommend the distant learning programs.
So any ideas anyone how to start and establish an Ayurvedic school in Chicago and the area?   e..e.. 

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