BRAHMA KAMAL blooms in Bangalore



                 Brahma Kamal blooms in Bangalore

 “Epiphyllum oxypetalum “or “Night blooming Cereus”.
The flower blooms once in a year which makes it auspicious. It is mistaken as ‘Brahma Kamal’ (Saussurea obvallata ) which blooms in upper reaches of Himalayas.

   When my friend called me at 10PM about a week back to witness the flowering of “Brahma Kamal”, in his kitchen garden, it was an opportunity not to be missed though I was already in the bed. It was realy a sight to behold and also the fragrance. There were nearly 15 flowers. I clicked with my Sony cyber shot. Later I came to know that watching it brings wealth.This once a year blooming flower has also very short life spam of only 4 hours and that too at night, a pity indeed.

    I also wanted to post  the picture of the the flower when it is in withering stage as above. It is this time that  I noticed one very important thing. The flower comes out of the LEAF of the plant and not from stem like other flowers. I think this is unique.Also my friend showed how he is growing a fresh one in a pot by placing the leaf of the plant and not the stem like other flower plants. One continues to learn.
 I have put the original “Brahma Kamal” photo also below

Brahma KamalOriginal ‘Brahma Kamal’ or “Saussurea obvallata ” as shown above is the much revered flower of the Himalayas and is an excellent example of plant life at the upper limit of high mountains.It is the State flower of Uttarakhand.

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