Broken Rules

Here's an ode to all Soumi's unsung Sitas!! Enjoy!!! Mita.

Broken Rules

I write words
I barely comprehend, in
tenets you do not grasp.
Yet I continue to write
for you.
For one day you might
learn to read me
(though you might not
wish to read me now).

People say I'm privileged.
Privileged "what"?
Privileged that
I escaped my sisters' fate?
(limitless confinement,
endless drudgery)?
Privileged that
I dare to dream?
(seek refuge in broken rules)?
I'm painfully aware
even literacy is a privilege.
So, I compose alien words
(pretend, defend, survive).

My fate is perhaps sealed
in the lines of my palm
but I refuse to believe.
(deny, defy, survive).
I will trip and falter
over the alien words
you refuse to read, but
I will make you understand
(I will wait until)
In abandoned history, in posterity
(you will acquiesce)
and together we shall rise
empowered in our morrow.


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