C K Prahalad

‘Best known for his work with Gary Hamel on resource-based strategy, which gave rise to the term core competences, more recently, Prahalad has turned his attention to the plight of the worlds poor,’ said Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove of Suntop Media.

‘In The Bottom of the Pyramid’, his 2004 book, he argues that capitalism can be the engine to eradicate poverty,’ Crainer and Dearlove said in a statement posted on the website Thinkers50.com.

I know precious little about International business management, but am interested in the quote above, where I have marked some words out in bold characters.

Will some management expert in the Medha family, who may have read Prahalad’s book entitled ‘In the bottom of the Pyramid’ explain to us what Sri Prahalad’s plans/suggestions are and whether anyone has started implementing them?

I will not myself be able to contribute to comments on this blog for want of knowledge in the subject. 

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