Can Hindus Self-Govern Competitively?


“Hindu Journalists”-Food For Thought

I won’t speculate on whether some of the “Hindu journalists” involved in this saga are double agents. But I wish to point out that at least one person named Khalid Azam, a devout opponent of Hinduism, has started to circulate the attacks by these “Hindu journalists” against Hindu leaders and institutions. He feels this will help him rally support against Hinduism. The spirit of samvad requires that debate within the dharma must be done with fairness and use of accurate information, not blind accusations based on false “conspiracy theories” and blatantly incorrect information. Unfortunately, this has not been the habit of those claiming to have the monopolistic adhikar to speak for Hinduism. Even when errors have been clearly pointed out to them, they have persisted in their attacks.


In the absence of competent leadership that can build teamwork, Hinduism faces a bleak future in a world filled with civilizational clashes.

Medha Editor’s Note: For Part I (Lessons from The Swami Nithyananda Saga), click HERE

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