Can Hindus Self-Govern Competitively?


SN’s Appeal

My theory is that there were three kinds of reasons for a person being attracted to him prior to the scandal. (1) Those whose closeness was based on having had experiences (in meditation or healing) had something to take away; hence their relationship with SN had not been a total loss. Such persons did not turn hostile even after they left him. Many of them continue the meditations and plan to do so – they can separate the techniques he taught from the rest of him. (2) Others did not get any such experiences and their relationship was purely based on blind faith that he was Paramhansa, hence infallible. It was bhakti based, which he encouraged. The crisis tore such devotees from deep within as they had become very emotionally dependent upon him. Some of them enjoyed a high status in his presence and this boosted their own personal egos and gave them stature. The downfall of SN became their personal downfall as well. They feel deeply betrayed so they lashed out. (3) The third category saw him as someone who had great potential to help dharma counteract some of the threats it faces in the modern kurukshetra. Their disappointment is not as intense as he is one among many leaders and they must simply move on.

I did not have guru-devotion (i.e. the second category) and told him so on many occasions. He had no problem teaching meditation to those who did not consider him their personal guru. This is why I have been more objective, able to separate out different kinds of issues and judge each independently. (It is ironic that when I called for his resignation based on the facts at the time (which are now being validated publicly), many Hindu “activists” angrily hounded me with insinuations like “Jaichand” (traitor), and yet these persons had NO link with SN whatsoever, none of the three kinds I have mentioned above. They knew hardly anything of his teaching, had never met him, and yet felt authoritative in making sweeping judgments. This is armchair Hindu activism at its worst.)

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