Can Hindus Self-Govern Competitively?


Issues In The Case

The legal case will not be easy to solve, and rushing to judgment would be dangerous. For sure, the authorities are under great pressure to incriminate him on whatever grounds it takes.

As regards the “sex contracts” mentioned in the media, I wrote long ago that I saw one with my own eyes. It is not a contract saying something like, “Let’s have sex, baby!” It’s a corporate style Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that all employees sign in most large corporations. It covers the standard things like protecting all the intellectual property of the corporation, ensuring that trade secrets of various techniques and teachings are not turned into any ashramite’s personal property, that there is no conflict-of-interest activity such as starting one’s own teaching practice on the side, and so forth. It tries to prevent someone from walking away with the meditation techniques and becoming a guru, as has happened to numerous gurus in the past. In this 5 page contract, there is a small portion on sex. It is carefully worded that some of the techniques the individual may choose to participate in are Tantra based and these may include sexual contact. I was told that this NDA was drafted by an American corporate lawyer.

When I confronted a senior insider for details (who is an elderly married man living in the ashram with his wife), he remarked that even he had signed the same NDA, though he never had sex with SN. It was something signed by lots of persons as a standard corporate NDA. So, contrary to all the media hype these days, merely having signed the NDA does not equate to having had sex. Time will tell whether this NDA will provide legal protection as proof that any alleged sex was between consenting adults. A couple of parents told me of their daughters being compromised by SN. So it was not just in the case of Ranjitha. But there was no intercourse claimed by them; they charged other kinds of sexual contact and inappropriate touching.

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