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SN, Pre & Post Scandal

I would like to separate two periods in my understanding of SN – before March 2 and after March 2 of 2010. That was the date when the scandal broke out. Until that date, I had no clue of it, and like most others I was very impressed by his meditation teachings. I cannot comment on the charges being made because my information is indirect via various others, and every account I heard seems to have missing pieces in the story. So I will wait for the courts to do their due process and will not take the media reports at face value. But after the March 2 event, I do have direct information about how SN has conducted himself. His post March 2 track record of making judgments has been very disappointing.

For instance, he is now in jail only on the charge that he failed to show up for a court summons to answer questions. There was no FIR (criminal complaint) against him, only a summons to answer questions. Why did he not show up and answer questions as a free man, rather than being arrested for not showing up and then having to answer questions? Also, why did he persistently approach the man accusing him and try to negotiate a settlement, even though he was being taped all along? Why did he disappear from the scene rather than address his followers when the scandal broke? Most disappointing is his judgment of who he selected and trusted to be close to him, his vacillations on various positions when questioned, and the erratic way he jumped around on what course he would follow. I found him confused, not the crystal clear teacher he had been earlier.

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