Eight Verses to the Giver of Life

Na taato, na maata, na bandur na daataa,
Na putro, na putri, na bhratyo, na bhartaa,
Na jayaa na Vidyaa, na Vrithir mamaiva,
Gatistvam, Gatistvam Tvam ekaa Bhavani.

Neither the mother nor the father,
Neither the relation nor the friend,
Neither the son nor the daughter,
Neither the servant nor the husband,
Neither the wife nor the knowledge,
And neither my sole occupation,
Are my refuges that I can depend, Oh, Bhavani,
So you are my refuge and my only refuge, Bhavani.

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How to Unblock the Nose – The Natural Way

After suffering from cold and congestion for months, my five year old had forgotten to breath through the nose. I’m against the use of nasal sprays and decongestants to alleviate the symptoms and so my little girl had developed the habit of breathing through her mouth and continued to do so even when her cold symptoms subsided. In my search for breathing right, I came across a lot of information but the technique that I’m going to describe here seems to have worked for both my daughter and me.

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