Indian woman in distress needs help!

This is a story of an Indian woman, who is fighting a lone battle in New York City… pregnant and under extreme duress.

Sometime last week, we (my husband and I) got a phone call from India from the mother of this woman, to request for sponsorship, so that she can come to the US and take the baby to be born back to India as the State has declared that the “baby to be born” will be taken away by the State for foster care. The mother of the baby has been declared by the doctors as being incapable (in her current state) of caring for it. The father of the child has declared that he will not support it!

Since we did not know the lady (mother) personally, we decided to investigate the matter a little further before sponsoring. More investigation unveiled a story, which goes as follows.

NOTE: By the time this article is published, the Baby might have already been brought into this world.

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