André Malraux on India and Bangladesh

This is a translation of two web pages about the French writer André Malraux, and his views on India and Bangladesh, published by the “Association pour la Diffusion de la Pensée Française” (Association for the Spread of French Thought), Ministère des Affairs Etrangères (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

I am grateful to the ADPF for permission to translate these web pages.

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Sri Aurobindo

Image Sri Aurobindo represents “the completest synthesis that has been realized to this day of the genius of Asia and the genius of Europe…” —Romain Rolland, French Vedantist and Nobel laureate.

Years ago I saw Aurobindo in the atmosphere of his earlier heroic youth and I sang to him, “Aurobindo, accept the salutations from Rabindranath.” Today, I saw him in a deeper atmosphere of .. wisdom and again sang to him in silence, “Aurobindo, accept the salutations from Rabindranath!” —Rabindranath Tagore

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Mayan Findings-Some Questions

Mayan Findings And Some Questions

As a fifteen year old, I read Eric Von Daniken’s series of books, one of the books being, “The chariots of the Gods” and wondered whether the great monuments of the World were indeed built by extra terrestrials, as the series of books argued.

 Some time was spent on the terrace peering at the sky , hoping to catch up on those ET s

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