Hindu Temple Architecture-IV


Hindu Temple Architecture-IV

Site Selection & Analysis

[continued from the previous post – Hindu Temple Architecture III ]

The Previous article at this link discusses site analysis in the modern sense and compares that with the kind of analysis that may have gone in to the site selection of ancient Hindu temples.

  To summarise the discussion on modern site analysis , we can say it is,Primarily a sensory experience for the person[s] concerned .Though at times it can be an extra sensory one in rare cases. For example,  a developer may “see” a great theme park in a green field, while the rest of us may see only the green field. An  entrepreneur’s spirit  sees things that aren’t seen by others who aren’t on the same wavelength.

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The Unity of India

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}his article1 is an attempt to explore the idea of an India – to see whether the idea is meaningful, and if so, to trace the birth and the evolution of the idea. Was this concept indigenous to India? Was it a bequest by outsiders, or invaders, or colonizers? Chronologies are rarely given – the reader can pick her/his favorite dates for the various Purānas and epics; it should not matter to the conclusions we have drawn.

An English authority, Sir John Strachey, had this to say about India:
… this is the first and most essential thing to learn about India – that there is not and never was an India or even any country of India, possessing according to European ideas, any sort of unity, physical, political …2

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 Hinduism through History (Part – 3)

Heartfelt thanks for help and support:

Shri S. Sreenivasa Rao & Karigar

This part of the paper focuses on the history of Temples. The view is from the following angles:

a)     Psychological and philosophical

b)     Architectural

c)     Political

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All of man’s accumulated wisdom is reflected in his philosophy. It is in this ever-present preponderance to arrive at a

coherent explanation to things apparently inexplicable that man finds some meaning in biding his life.