Sapta Chakras


In my previous article on Gayatri, I had discussed about how Gayatri Mantra explains the Big Bang and the expansion of Universe.

In my article on AUM, I had explained how AUM maps to standard model of Universe as it is known today.
Refer—an-analysis.html .

During the course of that discussion, I had written about the seven lokas, which are nothing but stages of evolution of Universe, upto our planet Earth. I would be mapping the seven lokas to current theory of formation of Universe later in some other blog.

This article is about Sapta Chakras. I interpret the Sapta Chakras as the seven stages of development of a child in its mother's womb.

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Nishkama Karma; A Cosmic View

Freeeeze! Hmmmm, But How?

The story goes like this; when Lord Hanuman was born, the first sight that grabbed the attention of his mischief-seeking eyes was the Sun rising with all his morning splendour.

The Bedrock on which I built this edifice

Science can be a prop to elevate us to Spirituality. Here we attempt to illustrate this specific angle through a brief look at the quantitative characteristics of the cosmic dynamism. An analytical quest reveals to the neutral mind that the cosmic vitality fostered by the natural kinetic energy of the universe, fits well within the Universal Karmic sphere. We must also take note of the fact that many of the top Scientists agree that science at higher echelons is a seamless continuum with Vedanta. Looking from this convergence too, the cosmic dynamism discloses the Karma yogic disposition of the Universe. These are the manifestations of a tangible Science-Spirituality connectivity. In other words, knowing, understanding and inferring commonly known scientific facts may act as a lead up to climb the spiritual ladder if one so desires. — S.K.

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Gayatri — The Big Bang


I had already written an article on AUM from a scientific perspective, mapping AUM to Universe through particle physics and states of matter. This article is about Gayatri Mantra.

Gayatri Mantra is held next to AUM in most hindu scriptures. It is one mantra that is common to many sects of Hinduism. All seers and saints of various sects of hinduism and scriptures of various hues talk very high of Gayatri Mantra, though they interpret it differently.


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The Six Verses to Liberation


Posting a response to a question on the Nature of Consciousness, my fingers automatically started typing what is to follow next. I have often written things in a semi-involuntary manner, with the thoughts flowing and words forming without having to think (too much). How it happens or why it happens, I do not know. And while I was typing this response, a realization dawned.

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Too Busy for Prayers?


It is said that the "Great Indian Middle-class" is on a roll, with India's burgeoning Economy, and an ever-growing Middle-class, India is finally Happening!
But there are several dark counter-reactions occuring in the Indian context, that I only thought about after reading a couple of articles that my friend Nitin Bhai pointed out to me.

The first was an article on the BBC about Indians new-found interest in spirituality. The second was a poem written by a terminally young little girl. Read on…

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Tai Chi — A Path to Samadhi



Translated literally, SamAdhi means “To get integrated”. Samadhi is often defined as the state of complete immersion into a cosmic consciousness that is beyond the realm of ordinary consciousness (as we generally use the word). The state in which the observer and observed merge, that is Samadhi – it is a state induced by total meditation. There are various stages of Samadhi and a detailed discussion of the same is beyond the scope of this article (refer to the link provided above to learn more about Samadhi).

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Indic Culture in a Metaphysical Framework


Culture can also be likened to the “Operating System” of a Social machine – the framework and rule sets which govern the operation of the machine (Of course, the Culture OS is a lot more complicated and has a lot more “fuzzy” levels than a computer OS has). If we were to look at such a model, we could say that the spiritual, philosophical and ethical/moral aspects of the culture form the kernel of the OS. The artistic, intellectual and lifestyle aspects of Culture form its shell and various applications…

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