A desire of a 5 year old

Almost a year back Ishan had written a letter to Mr. President on Global Warming issues..:)) It was something that he came up with and I just encouraged him to complete the letter….I guess Medhajournal’s contest preparation, “Save the Planet” gave fodder to his thought…

It was almost a year that the letter was sent, and we lost hope of receiving any acknowledgement from The White House. Today it came as a pleasant surprise, a letter from The President and a Portrait with his autograph! It made a mom sigh of relief.. as I can now encourage Ishan to do tasks that may have some good outcome!

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The End of the White Witch

Jessa sighed happily as she stretched out her legs in front of the fire, listening to the rain hitting hard on her roof. She was in a position that she had wished to be in for years. Her land was hers again, the crops were flourishing, and the cattle kept a steady income of fresh meat. The old Jarl that had taken that precious land of hers was now dead. The Witch, Gudrun, had killed him long before her own son killed her.

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