Flightless and Fightless — An Inhuman Story


The story is a product of my over-active imagination. The plight of the flightless birds of New Zealand is most definitely not. They are fighting a losing battle for survival. Without active love, encouragement, and support from the humans, who destroyed their habitat in the first place, these adorable birds will soon become history, as three-fourths of the various

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Our Story – A Journey Through History

Sample Image

Sample Image

(Part One)

Our story begins from two million years ago when our forefathers the Homo erectus which means “Upright Person” (so called as they could stand on their two feet), lived in the continent of Africa. They lived in the open or in caves, they spend most of their time searching for food, they hunted animals for food with their hands or stones and they learned how to use fire. Some of them also moved to the continent of Asia from Africa. How did they look! Homo erectus, had bushy brows a lot of body hair, a flatter head than us and not a very pretty face. They ate vegetables, fruit and some meat. They used fire to cook which helped to make the raw foods softer, easier to eat. At night, they could light a fire, sit around it to keep warm and also keep the wild animals away from them.

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