In quest of our roots

Have you ever felt the need to reach out to your roots?  Are we all in search of our roots?  What drives us to know our roots? 


I grew up hearing stories that our (my family) roots are not in  West Bengal, India but from a small village called Khajura,  in Rajshahi District, in what is present-day Bangladesh.   And my grandparents had immigrated to India prior to Indian independence (post Parition).  My grandparents who had immigrated to India as adults had vivid and loving memories of their home in Bangladesh.  My grandfather missed his ancestral home and told us wonderful stories about his life then.  He being a great story teller told us about waterways of river Atreyi, Zamindari, mango trees, his pet horses, his house boat and so on.  Like many other immigrants around the time of Indian independence, my grandparents left their home and moved to India.  Busy in making a living in India, they were left with no information as to what happened to their home back in Bangladesh.  They heard few rumors around it, and that was about it.



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