Chamomilla: A Wonderful “Anger Remedy”

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Very often I come across kids who require this wonderful remedy Chamomilla. Occasionally I have to keep reminding myself not be prejudiced while doing a case perceiving. Here I would like to share my experience of the cases that genuinely required and responded to Chamomilla.

A case of blocked tear duct

Siya was born with a blocked tear duct. This is a fairly common condition where the duct (nasolacrimal duct) that drains tears normally from the eye to the back of the nose is not developed fully leading to constant overfilling of the eye with a discharge and an infection. The condition resolves many a times with no or little treatment. Rarely, surgery is needed for the same.

Siya’s elder sister had a similar issue and had undergone a surgery. The parents did not want to have a surgery for this little one and thought of trying an alternative approach. I met Siya when she was three months old. As her ducts were blocked, her eyes constantly had clear watery discharge coming out which aggravated when exposed to wind. Occasionally the eye would become red for which the mother would put an eye-drop (Gentamicin) to relieve it. The redness would decrease after the eye drops but did not go away completely.

Homeopathic case taking focuses a lot on individualizing every case and it suggests a remedy based on an individual personality. For a three month old, finding an individual personality is a challenge. Aspects like family health history and the mother’s status during her pregnancy plays a vital role. The mother mentioned that during her pregnancy, she was very stressed-out and angered most of the time, as she had to deal with one elder kid and a stressful job. This was a very outstanding part in the whole case history. Since birth Siya had had 2 episodes of cough and cold. The recurrent cough and cold was also a part of the family history.

The day after the consultation, Siya started with yet another bout of cough and cold. The cough was wet and she threw up. She was very cranky and cried a lot. She would not sleep on her bed, but was better sleeping in her car seat or on her mother’s lap. The intrauterine history of anger in mother and now the baby wanting to be cuddled and held closely (like in a car seat) led me to give her Chamomilla 200c, 1 pill dissolved in 11 tsp of water; She started progressing after 3 doses. The cough this time was not as intense and she recovered soon. Simultaneously, her eyes were getting better too. After 10 days, the mother called me and said that Siya’s eyes were not discharging anymore and she was doing completely ok. She was glad on not having to go for an eye surgery. Chamomilla worked as a constitutional remedy for her relieving the totality of all her complaints together.

A seemingly simple case

Two year old Beth started with a little cold. Initially she had a runny nose and a little cough. This progressed to watery discharge from eyes, sneezing and more discharge from the nose. Thinking that it was a mild episode of spring allergy, the mother gave her some antihistamine medication. But Beth did not improve at all. She became totally exhausted, stayed on her mother’s lap and would not move from there. She would not take anything and would get very irritated with anything that was offered to her. Later, she started having lots of salivation from mouth. The nose was blocked causing difficulty in breathing. After trying the antihistamines, the mother also tried many other Homeopathic remedies like Aconite, Arsenic Album and Pulsatilla thinking they were good remedies for colds. But Beth had no relief at all.

I worked on this case through phone only as I was in a different location. When the mother called me, I asked her about various things like Beth’s appetite, thirst, her mental and emotional status, her facial expression etc. Since she had already taken so many remedies, the picture that I was getting was a mixed picture of her complaints and the remedies that she had taken. So, I started by asking how Beth was in the very beginning of this episode and also few days before the episode started. The mother told me that since past 10 days Beth was showing some eruption on her right cheek which was red. The other cheek looked normal. The episode of cold set in later. One cheek red and the other pale is one of the striking symptoms in Chamomilla. Together with that she was also irritable and wanted to be carried. Taking these symptoms, I suggested Chamomilla 200c; 1 pill in water; 1 tsp to be given every hour. She gave her the first dose and called me after ½ hr. Beth had started showing some signs of recovery. All the discharges including that from nose, eyes and mouth had become less and she sat up on her own. After 5hrs she had started playing and also ate her dinner well.

The following are her symptoms that came up for remedy selection:

desires, wants; to be carried
emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting)
emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; impatience
emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; irritability;

discharge from thick and sticky, tough;(at present)
discharge from watery;(at first)

skin; discoloration; red; one-sided; one pale the other red;
generalities; evening aggravation

Homeopathic Analysis

In the cases above we see that both of them presented with a very different manifestations (except that the cold was common in all), but both required and responded positively to the same remedy. In a Homeopathic treatment, the name of the disease matters less, and the individual presentation of the ailment plays a more significant role. The chief guiding symptoms for every remedy suggestion belong to the mental and emotional pattern in different forms of disease. The point that marks the starting of any health issue is also very important in finding out a remedy. Knowing “What happened immediately before one fell ill” helps a lot in finding the correct remedy. Chamomilla is seen to work marvelously in cases with a definite history of anger. Though It is always best to repertorize a case to bring about a similimum, it is also good to suggest a remedy when there is a definitive striking symptom in the same intensity as it is written in our Materia Medica.

Hahnemann puts in his Organon Aphorism 153 : “…. The more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure….”. The mental and emotional status of a mother during pregnancy marks very deep imprints on a child hence, it is always helpful to get a detailed history about that time. With Chamomilla, I have had many positive experiences in the past and I really like to call it a “wonder anger remedy”.

This article was written by Dr Rashana Rauniar and previously published in Homeopathy Today, a magazine by National Center For Homeopathy;

Note: Above are the Health tips provided by Rashana Rauniar, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, with her degree in Homeopathic Medicine from India. Visit her website for more information . Consult your nearby doctor in case any severe symptoms persists.

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