Cold Water Springs

The Susquehanna


Rick made a long cast into the main river current.  Rick had gotten out of the boat then waded onto the shallows where there was vegetation full of minnows in the warmer surface column amist the late spring sunshine.  Rick jigged up a big smallmouth on his ultra light rod.  He hailed the boat as he fought the fish to get the attention of Jim and Patrick.  Rick had a competitive nature that made him want to catch the most.


RICK “someone work this edge with me”


Rick landed his smallie


JIM “good going Ritchie, keep it up man”


Patrick looked through his lures getting out mepps spinners for casting in the shallows.  Jim waded over to the current edge where Rick was.  Rick was standing on a shallow outcropping.  The outcropping was a river flat of small stones.  On the edge it got deeper so the current was racing more than it was in the shallows.  The shallows were on the downriver side of a big island several miles north of the Bloomsburg bridge.  Patrick went to the eastern side of the island to make some casts in the race between the two adjacent islands.  Patrick sighted several small largemouth that were taking shots at his spinner.  A smallmouth came striking after his lure in sight.  The hooked fish came right out of the water, then turned into the current.  The fish leaped again.  Patrick kept his rod light as the bass jumped then began to wind fast pulling the bass across the surface easing the fish right into his hand.  He raised the smallie in the bright afternoon sun shouting, “I caught one.”  After a quick release Patrick went back to casting.  Again Pat set the hook on a smallie on his spinner.  The bass went into the race then was taking line jumping in intervals farther downriver each time.  The bass then went deep using the current.  Patrick worked the fish up a little at a time lifting then winding tight until the smallie was tired.  Pat walked to the edge of the island catching his fish.  Pat measured the smallmouth quick then let it go.  A great fish of over 20 inches.


Jim worked the current off of the shallows where Rick caught his two fish.  His lure selection was a small chartreuse spinner bait.  He cast 45 degrees up current letting the lure sink then used an alternating retrieve winding fast then slow.  His first strike was where the edge of the backwater met the current just below the river flat.


JIM “man these fish sure fight good in the current”


RICK “sure got that right”


JIM “check out these minnows”


RICK “far out, cool”


JIM “the fish must be right on the edge of the shallows chasing them”


RICK “for sure”


A rock shoal is similar to a sandbar.  Some rock shoals are the result of springs.  Cold water in the shallow spots is something an angler can look for to find a spring.


Using the same technique Jim hooked another smallmouth.


JIM “this is a bigger fish”


Wading downriver, Jim gained a little bit at a time.  He was almost waist deep wading when he caught the fish.  Rick was upstream.  After landing his fish Jim began treking to the boat.  The air got colder as the sun was setting.


PAT “primo, we all caught fish”


JIM “mine were on a chartreuse spinner bait, man were the fish aggressive”


PAT “this mepps #2 spinner caught me two”


RICK “the ones I caught were on eighth once jigs, one was on a powershad, the other was on a twister tail power grub”


PAT “lets fish the channel for awhile”


 RICK “sounds good to me”


JIM “jig slow the water is cold”


RICK “man is it getting cold”


PAT “there is a fish”


JIM “what is it?”


PAT “the fish was along the bank over there towards the island”


The channel that flows between the islands is deep.  It is narrow making the water flowing through it fast.  Rick cast his silver powershad.


PAT “a walleye”


JIM “awesome”


RICK “there is one”


JIM “alright, good going, the fish must be on the move?”


RICK “well it is colder plus it is almost dark now”


JIM “need a net on that fish Pat?”


PAT “yeah”


JIM “one in the boat, good going Junior”


RICK “Jim there is mine, quick get a net on it”


PAT “look the fish are all in the same size range”


RICK “what a cool fish, distinct spot on the tail, look at the eye glowing, awesome”


The fish caught were all over 15 inches.  Jim started casting a jig.


RICK “look at the pintails”


JIM “cool”


JIM got the next strike.


JIM “alright!”


After Jim landed his fish it had almost gotten dark.


RICK “well we all caught fish”


JIM “great trip”


The sun set over the horizon on the back to the boat ramp.  It was a little cold except it was a real nice night.

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