Cow Trouble

A child’s imagination runs wild, and it is interesting to see your child think.  I spend an hour everyday with my son, where we try to learn from each other, and know each other’s mind….

All kids have vivid imagination and it is fun to discover!

Sample Image

I read the question to him given in the exercise. 

" What if the cow was too heavy to jump over the moon?  What would happen then?  Draw the picture of this in the box."

He drew some gibberish, as you will see in the image.  And when I asked him to explain his drawing, this is what he said; I repeat exactly his explanation of his drawing;

Ishan said, "He made a machine that will make cow not to be fat!  The cow will go in the machine for three days.  And then the cow get out of the machine, not fat but thin, and then jumped over the moon and stars!!"

Ishan Bhattacharjee is 4+ years old, going to Pre-school in Fremont, California, USA.

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