A sea breeze echoes softly thru my mind …
gently sings of my expectant morrow,
and the languid life I left behind.
It beckons me to turn my head ..
to face the wind that fills enchanted sails,
and drives me to my destiny ..
as silent sirens wail.

I watch the night-sky-clouds glide …
hide and seek with the moon play.
Angels in the heaven stoop …
yet pick nothing up they say.
There are things far more sinister
that haunt the midnight air,
the sirens supplicate a warning
whispering discretely in my ears:

“Beware! The waves upon the water
are like ripples in your mind,
and the shadows cast by nature
show the future you may find.
As rivers flow to join the sea
thus you will be carried on
to meet your destiny.

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