distant moon

as far as i know krishna made the clouds on the horizon


it might rain tonight


if we see pegasus or the great bear we see krishna


the evidence of water on one of the moons of jupiter is a satellite reservoir of life


yes travel to the planets and the orbiting moons


see the sun in the naked atmosphere of space


if we see a sailor gull or a pileated woodpecker that is krishna


time capsule in flight


homnid at the wheel


krishna is the ocean currents that hold the sailfish migrations


a new ocean awaits in the snow caps of those hills


now man on his quest


as far as i know krishna is even the fiddler crab


if we ever plant a seed in that ice river of that moon


water in the sand so far from the sun


in that droplet sea horses to sea monsters


a new rainforest


cosmic evolution all over again


the lizards and snakes


the primates to the demigods


once that seed sprouts


we stand on a new axis in the atmosphere of a gas giant


liquid in a distant yuga


flat footed on that plain we will see that gravity hasn’t won






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