Divisiveness In The Name Of Defending Dharma

Medha Editor’s note: For those needing more background on the divisive antics mentioned here by Dr Kalyanaraman, please read this piece at Sulekha: http://nijatamizhan.sulekha.com/blog/post/2010/04/shame-on-sandhya-jain-and-radha-rajan.htm

Update: Also see https://medhajournal.com/component/content/article/992-addendum-divisiveness-in-the-name-of-dharma.html

Executive Summary

Libelous and malicious comments from Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan (against RSS, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha (HDAS), Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Jyotirmayananda and others)

This is a report on the ongoing attempts by a few individuals to break the HDAS (Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha) the way INC (Indian National Cngress) was broken by Indira Gandhi, and to create a new forum called by these individuals as “Hindu Dharma Protection Movement”.

This is a report to expose the nature and activities of these individuals who are repeatedly spreading accusations against HDAS and others including Swami Dayananda Saraswati.


The banner shown here occurs on each page of vigilonline.com from where the articles slandering, libeling, defaming Acharya Sabha and others are excerpted below. The webmaster Radha Rajan is misleading the visiter to that site that the website is somehow linked to Vigil Public Opinion Forum. But since she is no longer associated with Vigil, her use of this banner and the site name as vigilonline are illegal.

She often misrepresents herself, without any authority, as representing the Sangha on Sun TV and other TV channel shows.

There is another website called http://vijayvaani.com/ whose editor is Sandhya Jain.

Both Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan pat each other’s back and publish one another’s articles on their sites. They are hyphenated in their malicious intent to destroy HDAS and repeatedly accuse the ‘chennai clique’ whose identity is no secret (Gurumurthy and Padma Subramanyam) and Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Their defamatory statements have become shrill on the internet emails to many egroups and cc-lists.


I have to report and share my deeply felt concern.

Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan have crossed the limits of ethics and decency in their ad hominemattacks on Swami Dayananda Sarasvati ji, among others. They continue to indulge in aasuric onslaughts against the cherished dharma traditions.

To cite one example, it will send a wrong signal to the parivar, if Organizer patronises such characters by inviting them to write articles for special issues.

I think civil samajam should introspect seriously on the egregious, malicious behavior of these two women and take appropriate steps so that they do not continue to poison the minds of young generation of the rashtram. They have built up their own fan clubs of people who are not aware that there could be snakes in the grass.

I think the evil will NOT go away by ignoring it. It seems to feed on its ego trips of their own assumed sarvaprajnatva. Such attacks on acharyas just cannot be allowed to go on.


Evidence of their malicious intent and repeated attempts at defaming Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Gurumurthy, Padma Subramanyam, Swami Jyotirmayananda, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha and Rajiv Malhotra may be seen from the attached documents published and circulated extensively and repeatedly on the internet.

Their intent is clear. They want to destroy HDAS the way Gandhi’s INC was destroyed by Indira Gandhi. Irrelevant examples are being cited about Gandhi’s destruction of the Hindu Nation and comparing it with the HDAS’s actions and alleged failures.

The two writers, Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan indulge in slander and libel with malicious intent to hurt the feelings of Hindus who revere Swami Dayananda and have enormous respect for the HDAS as an institution which represents the Hindu voice all over the world.

They attempt to link Nityananda with Dayananda Saraswati by a bizarre reference to some institution called GFCH (Global Foundation for Civilizational Harmony), which had the patronage of very eminent persons including the former President HE APJ Abdul Kalam and others.

Irresponsibly questioning the alleged motives of NRIs and treating them as traitors, they question Swami Dayananda as though he is accountable for the actions of GFCH or the activities of GFCH. This is ridiculous attribution of guilt by association.

The latest foray is the circular sent out in Tamil to many sadhus and sanyasis, particularly of Tamil Nadu proposing the start of the first meet of what is called Hindu Dharma Paadukaappu Iyakkam (Tamil; translation: Hindu Dharma Protection Movement (HDPM). There is no reference to HDAS in this circular because the intention is clearly to divide the Acharyas who are members of HDAS.

It is NOT clear if the Acharyas named therein, for example. Kanchi Acharya, Pejawar Swamiji and others have been made aware of the fact that this HDPM is a parallel organization sought to be formed in the next two years countering the HDAS. The writings of the two women, Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan clearly point out that they are out to destroy the HDAS and repeatedly ask Swami Dayananda to step down from his role as what they call ‘Convener’ of HDAS.

The circular in Tamil is vicious and motivated and cannot be seen as having been approved by the Acharyas, in whose name the circular seeks to convey the impression that the move to form HDPM is approved and initiated by them and under their guidance. This is NOT true, since Kanchi Acharya and Pejawar Swami are also members of HDAS and will NOT do anything or approve any move to form a rival to HDAS.

The misinformation campaign on the Internet of these two women has been vicious on the issue of Nityananda episode, and their diabolical linking of Nityananda (who is also a patron of GFCH) with Swami Dayananda is bizarre and vulgar, accusative, slanderous and libelous.

The points made in the Tamil circular are that conversions have to be stopped. This is precisely the reason for the constitution of HDAS. Why is it that the circular makes no mention of HDAS while in their Internet writings, they spew venom on HDAS and Swami Dayananda Saraswati?

The circular claims to be issued in the name of Temple Bhaktas. They are not named. No telephone contact or addresses of patrons or conveners are given. This seems to be a spurious document penned by a few disgruntled individuals whose motive is NOT to achieve unity of Hindus but to divide the Hindus on sectarian lines.

It appears that the few individuals who are peddling this circular have done it without consultation and approval of the Acharyas named in the circular. This should be denounced.

Acharyas should continue to support the initiatives of HDAS and not promote any activities of the kind that were sought to be initiated in Dindigul on April 18, 2010.

Clearly, Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan are not friends of the Hindu cause and should not be encouraged by Acharyas whose contributions are enormous in protecting Hindu dharma.

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