Divisiveness In The Name Of Defending Dharma


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date Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 5:37 AM

subject Author of the below

Shri Jyotirmayananda, namaskar. The highlighted portion gave you away Sir. The soviet spy comic interlude was first floated by Shri Navratna Rajaram on BEF. You remembered that. Pl take my word for it that only those whom you see marked on this  list are being addressed.

You placed yourself alongside Shri Venkatnarayanan, Shri Gurumurthy and Pujya Swamiji. That gave you away. I am reading this with the fact that Shri Ishwar Sharan has charged you with writing to several poice officers in TN with the allegation that he continues to stay in India without valid papers.

My differences with Pujya Swamiji’s inter-faith dialogues are too serious to be diminished by you to accuse me of being a russian spy and sleeping with Maran  my ugliness and all.

Request you to please stop this. In part 2 of this series you will see why I am critical of inter-faith dialogues. The fact that you addressed one such scurrilous mail to Shri Sundaramji was also a dead give-away.

You probably think this muck will stick. Yes it will. But when I came into public life I came prepared for people like you who wage war from behind.

You are doing a great thing with the Vivekajyoti blogsite. request you to do what you do best and allow me to do what I do best. If there are serious differences, these have to wait in time to play themselves out.

However, no matter how much you may like to club Nityananda with Pujya Kanchi Periava, I am not convinced and you must allow me to be unconvinced. You are using libel to browbeat me. Please it doesnt work.

If being tamils were the only criterion, then Kalyanaraman and Sundaramji too ought to have been logically on your list. But you confined yourself to associates with Pujya Swamiji and that too gave you away.

I am going to drop this here and now because I see this only as your devotion to Pujya Swamiji, however misplaced you expression of anger. 

 respectfully, RR



From: Swami Devananda Saraswati
Date: Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 2:26 PM
Subject: Media cats and Nityananda: Part 2 by V. Sundaram



I have a lot of respect for you so I am writing to you frankly. I am aware I have no locus standi so that need not be pointed out again with threats of deportation by wooden-headed sadhus in Mangalore, But locus standi or not, I am a Vedic Dasanami sannyasi and I have an opinion too about how sadhus should conduct themselves in public and in private with their devotees.

I am aghast at your personal attacks on RR and SJ, sniping at them as “media cats” because you don’t agree with their point of view. Sure they pontificate on Hindu Dharma; so do I and so do you. It is part of our Hindu culture: we are all experts on Dharma as far we understand it. But this is not the real issue; it is only an excuse to attack them. The real issue behind all of this is that our Dharma authorities have not been transparent in their dealings with the Vatican and have sponsored a “yogi” who has turned out to be an embarrassment to all of us.

Nithy has admitted his misconduct in so many (contradictory) words and having done so, how do you logically defend him? By his own admissions he makes a fool of you his defender!

No, Nithy didn’t get a fair press; we see that now that the Vatican’s monstrous crimes have been exposed and our media is going soft on them. But Nithy still has no defense because he was in the wrong. If the sex video is morphed as you maintain, why haven’t you made a court case against Sun TV and Dinakaran? You can do it yourself. Until a court case is slapped on Sun TV, the argument that the video is morphed has no value.

Lenin may be a good character or a bad character – certainly anybody called Lenin cannot be a good character – he may even be a Christian agent, but that does not invalidate the contents of the video. Surely a man of your intelligence and experience must understand this?

Ranjitha says she had sex with Nithy. Is she lying?  Why would she lie: is she a Christian agent too? And if the Christians paid her to entrap Nithy (which they could very well have done), does that mean Nithy didn’t have sex with her? Again, you logic is impossible to accept. Even if the Christians entrapped Nithy, he is still at fault for not being on guard and not maintaining the usual sadhu discipline so that he would not be entrapped.

You maintain the Christians planned an attack on Hindu gurus some years back and that many Hindus had knowledge of it (though I have never heard such a story until now). If this is true, all the more reason that Nithy should have behaved himself and not left himself open to attack.

Christians have been attacking Hindus from the 7-8th century when the Nestorian Syrians arrived as refugees. These attracts reached an apex after Independence when the missionaries got a free run of the country and the covert support of both the media and the politicians. So the attacks of Christians are not new, but Hindus in general and Hindu leaders have ignored the Christian threat until quite recently. Why is that? Everybody was asleep when in 1989 SRG was shouting his head off warning about the Christians, as was RS. I came into contact with these two extraordinary men because they were the only Hindu intellectuals at that time warning us about the Christians. I was shouting too. but nobody would listen to me. I was told to shut up until SRG gave me a publishing outlet.

In 1989 even AS was not fully persuaded about the Christian threat. He got badly burned after attending a Jesuit conference and came to understand that the Christian threat is far more serious than the Muslim threat.

Today we know about the Christian threat in general but not in detail. Why? Why have we still not got a national Hindu newspaper of record? Why have we not got proper legal organisations to deal with the Christians and the newspapers in the courts? Why do Hindu Dharmacharyas still think their silly neo-vedanta will overcome the Christian threat with love. Are our Hindu leaders really so besotted with their own ananda that they cannot see the real enemy?

I have lived in ashrams and among Brahmins and sadhus most of my 64 years. I can say that the Brahmin way of life is the only rational way to live sensibly in this sad world – except on one point. The Brahmins (by which I mean the whole of Hindu civilizational leadership, not the caste as such) do not understand the enemy because they refuse to study the documents and history of the enemy. They either separate themselves from the enemy and try to save themselves, or they do politics with the enemy not realizing the enemy is better at politics, or they try to soft soap the enemy by conceding points in the hope that the enemy doesn’t demand more gifts of souls. None of this works. Hindu leaders today are good and saintly men who are completely self-deceived about the Christian enemy.

But the ladies are not fooled. Both have done their homework, as, indeed, you have to some extent. My contact with RR and SJ is because I feel they do understand the Christian enemy better than most Hindu intellectuals, and they have gone into the details of the enemy which most Hindus, and especially our gurus, have not done. And they are not afraid to speak out even at cost to themselves. They do us a great service by pontificating on Dharma as, indeed, do you. So don’t accuse them because of their hard work and expertise and defense of Hindu Dharma. This is a completely irrational attack on them.

To get back to Nithy, he owes us all a humble apology for the shame he has brought on sadhus and Hindu Dharma. He has no defense any longer even if he had one earlier. Big names like yours won’t help him now and your defence, with its element of spite against the ladies, only brings you down in our esteem.

And Nithy is not the end of the sadhu sex scandals. There are allegations being made against Sri Sri which, when they get into the hands of our enemies, are going to be a bigger blow to us than Nithy was. And the allegations against Sai Baba have been there for years. I, like you with Nithy, believed it was all a Christian conspiracy against Sai Baba, But in the last 10 years I have listened to a number of absolutely candid personal accounts from Baba devotees of their sex encounters with Sai Baba, so I cannot brush it off as vicious gossip any longer. Baba Ramdev has an unsavory past that is known to all sadhus in Haridwar-Rishikesh, that includes land-grabbing, car theft and murder. But they are old allegations and may not be relevant any longer.

What I am saying is that our sadhus and leaders have to clean up their act. We cannot lay blame on the other side when they expose us because of the bad conduct of our gurus who themselves do not follow the Dharma they represent.

How can we critique the Christians when our leaders do the same things their leaders do? And we are covering up for our leaders just the way they are covering up for theirs! So the agnostic secularist stands vindicated that all religion is rotten even as they have always claimed. It is a no win situation for us all the way round.

With regards and best wishes. I, too, pray to Sri Krishna that we stop biting each others necks and join together against our common Christian enemy who will pull us down by any means possible – including by the balls of our own randy sadhus.



V.Sundaram’s article: http://www.scribd.com/doc/29298579/Hot-and-Cold-Verdict-II
Rajiv Malhotra’s article: http://vivekajyoti.blogspot.com/2010/03/swami-nithyananda-becomes-latest-victim.html
Radha Rajan’s article: http://www.vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=1148
Sandhya Jain’s article: http://www.vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=1144


from    Swami Devananda Saraswati  <[email protected]>
to    Swami Jyotirmayananda <[email protected]>,
[email protected]
date    Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 12:59 PM
subject    Re: Devananda’s comments on Sri Sundaram’s recent article–reg
hide details Mar 15
Swamijyoti, I am really surprised by you. Don’t you have any independence or commitment to telling the truth? Both you and Rajiv Malhotra have my address and can contact me directly. Why have you gone to third parties for information that you could get from me?

G.P. Srinivasan knows my residential status in India. He also knows that I am under threat from the Archdiocese of Madras-Mylapore for exposing their St. Thomas fraud. The Archbishop can have me expelled in day if he chose to make a complaint to MK. I am saved by the Internet which knows no national borders, and the Archbishop (not being an idiot Hindu) has calculated that it would not serve his interests if I started posting online that he had got me deported for telling everybody that his St. Thomas tomb is barren and empty. 

G.P. Srinivasan is maliciously misleading you when he says I am overstayed in India. Overstaying is a serious charge that can attract police attention. In fact I hold a long-term visa that is extended when necessary. I am designated on government documents as a permanent resident. I am registered with the Foreigners Registration Office in Tiruvannamalai and have a valid residential permit. I have even cleared a security check Q Branch made some years ago, and was given an official letter to this effect.

Further to this, I am a Smarta Dasanami sannyasin who got his diksha from the mahamandaleshwar of a prestigious Dasanami math in Panchavati, Nasik, at the Maha Kumbha Mela at Prayag in 1977.

Now that I have shown my certificates, Swamijyoti, kindly show me yours. Who are you? Where did you get your diksha? What math are you attached to? What sampradaya do you belong to? What Vedic parampara do you represent? On what authority do you wear the kavi cloth? Why do you mislead people by giving out a Chennai street address when in fact you live at an unknown location in Mangalore?

I am a bhikhari, Swamijyoti, who lives at a subsistence level by the grace of Sri Arunachaleshwar and the generosity of a few very kind and patient friends. I have serious health problems and am losing my eyesight. I will be off the key board soon enough, to the great relief of you and Malhotra and the Archbishop of Madras.  

Now, Swamijyoti, who supports you? Who pays for your blogging efforts and the plane trips abroad? We are sadhus who live off public money and should be fully transparent about our lifestyles, isn’t it?

I have been criticising Hindu religious and political leaders for decades. They have utterly failed us. You have posted some of this criticism on your blog site. So what is the issue? What is the point you are trying to make with your innuendo?

Nithyananda is not a Hindu religious leader: he represents no Vedic parampara or rishi-acharya tradition that I know of. He is a Shiva bhakta and independent godman with great charm and teaching ability. He has a bad reputation for his conduct in public and private that has preceded him to this current sex scandal. He has dragged the kavi cloth he wears in the mud and disgraced Hindu culture. He has made a big mistake, and he has admitted to his mistake – more or less – in the second video and the newspaper interviews he has given in Haridwar. He should change his lifestyle and apologise to his bhaktas. He has grievously abused the public trust.

When I visit Pondicherry, the auto drivers do devil dances in front of me and the college boys pull out their wallets and ask me if I need a condom. This is the treatment I get today because of the misdeeds of Nithyananda and others like him. It is no use blaming the hostile media for this bad reputation when the godmen themselves don’t behave themselves.

How is it possible for me to support Nithyananda? I have dealt with him as fairly as I know how. I will not be manipulated by the likes of Malhotra or Srinivasan or you just because Nithyananda is a Hindu and not a Muslim or Christian.

I think you should be ashamed. Are you Rajiv Malhotra’s lap dog?


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