Does God care about us?—A Hindu view

The terrible state of the world, the terrorism, injustice, etc, gives rise to the question as to whether God cares about humanity. Atheists usually argue that absence of any evidence for a caring God suggests that there is in fact no God. What is the Hindu position on this issue?

God cares about all of humanity. However, as a rule God remains detached from the universe.

Resorting to Prakrti, Nature, which is My own Power, I send forth again and again this multitude of beings that are without any freedom, owing to Nature’s sway over them.

Gita 9.8

These activities do not in any way bind Me, because I remain detached like one unconcerned in their midst.

Gita 9.9

Under My direction and control, Nature brings out this mighty universe of living and non-living beings. Thus does the wheel of this world revolve.

Gita 9.10

So people who are engrossed in worldly affairs and do not care about God are left alone by God. These people are under the sway of the theory of Karma. God only distributes the fruits of karma of these people. It is immaterial whether these people believe or disbelieve in God.

The case of people who seriously practice dhyana (meditation) or/and japa (of mantra) or/and puja (ritualistic worship of deities) is dramatically different. God actively helps these people.

Whoever, being devoted to Me solely, engage themselves always in contemplation and worship of Me – to such eversteadfast devotees I ensure the procurement of all their wants (moksha) and the preservaton of their assets (worldly interests).

Gita 9.22

An analogy might be useful to understand the difference between the 2 cases. Imagine many people traversing the ocean of the world in their sail boats. The breeze of Divine grace is always blowing. People who are engrossed in worldly affairs do not raise the sails of their boats to take advantage of the breeze. They are busy trying to make their boats  pleasant to live in. Hence their boats do not cross the ocean of the world. People who do spiritual practices raise their sails to catch the divine breeze and hence speedily attain moksha.



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