Dr. S. R .Rao’s interview on Dwarka Findings

Dr. S. R .Rao's interview on Dwarka at this link


I remember discussing Dwarka in Sulekha sometime ago. One had read thrillers of the underwater kind and Dirk Pitt seemed liked a hero. In real life ,there are quite a


few people who,despite obstacles ,are trying to research and bring to light certain less -discussed treasures left by our ancestors.

Dr. Rao's interview on Dwarka findings is very informative.

The irrationalist in me doesn't require any proof that he existed. But the findings are still very exciting. The objective person in me wants to know more about the underwater site.

The media watcher in me, notes with sadness that nothing much will be done by the authorities to impassionately research this underwater treasure house of information.

The cynic in me says, any other nation , with half as much heritage, would have tried to protect, research and most important, even if they didn't do any of these,would have atleast felt proud of that heritage .


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