Eco-City (Junior ID-6)

Eco- City

Participant ID – 6
Medhajunior, Grade 5th, USA

 While I walk down the road to my friend’s house, birds chirp in the oak trees. A vehicle rushes by, but instead of emitting smoke, the electric car hums down the road, emission free. Every family has one.  

      As I walk, I see triangular houses that look like pyramids with solar panels along the sides. But visitors don’t notice the solar panels. We designed them so that they would not be conspicuous. The panels on the rooftops look like giant flowers, enjoying the bright sunlight. On the hillside next to me, the trees stand tall. 

      To my left, the water system was working. Our water system takes in dirty water and spits out clean water. We have a waste remover for water so that after we use water in our homes, it goes to the waste remover and we use it again to water our plants, wash our cars, or wash our clothes. Instead of wasting, we reuse all the water. 

      I pass a giant screen with a news reporter chattering away. Our news is displayed on enormous screens every few miles, where all the information is there for everyone to see. After all, we do not like to cut down trees to print newspapers. The people of my eco-community recycle everything, from furniture to bottles and cans, and we compost the rest. As garbage passes through conveyor belts, sorters separate the recyclable items from trash. Each pile is investigated carefully for anything biodegradable or recyclable. The real garbage is thrown into a deep hole, but there isn’t nearly as much trash as the rest of the modern world has. In fact, we use one millionth of the landfill space that other comparable cities use. 

      Everyone has a job in Ecocity, where many explorers and tourists visit. Our town’s economy is based on ecotourism. In other words, people vacation here to discover the amazing benefits of an eco-city. People flood in from all over the world. What is so interesting about our city? Tourists can learn how to make their city more ecofriendly. Also, our modern buildings are wavy-shaped, and people enjoy coming and exploring them. All of the funds of ecotourism go toward helping improve our city to make it a better eco-city.  

      Finally, I reach my friend’s house and we joyfully pick fruit from her backyard — juicy, organic treasures dangling from branches, ready to be picked. Ecocity is a wonderful place that helps Earth to become emission-free and one step closer to a cleaner planet.

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