Eight Islands

Brahma is the source of the cosmic explosion at the beginning of the universe…his energies were first.
If we believe there is a spiritual correlation to the scientific outlook of the universe, we know Krishna is real so perhaps there is even some sort of spiritual plain on Jupiter or Saturn even though science has no grasp of it.
Siddhartha or the Buddha are also said to be forms of Krishna or one of the devas in the outlook of Buddhists.  The founder of Tibetan Buddhism was an East Indian monk.
In the Bhagavad-Gita Arjuna said “what is this absolute freedom Krishna?  What is the nature of beings and of the gods?”
Krishna said “freedom is union with the deathless, the self is the essence of all things, its creative power called action causes the whole world to be.”
In the First and Last Freedom on contradiction J. Krishnamurti said “we see contradiction in us and about us, because we are in contradiction, there is a lack of peace in us and therefore outside us.  There is a constant state of denial and assertion, what we want to be and what we are.  The state of contradiction creates conflict and this conflict does not bring about peace which is a simple obvious fact.”
In the chapter on actualizing special insight in Stages of Meditation one of the Dali Lama books on how a Bodhisattva cultivates wisdom is a quote “after realizing calm abiding, meditate on special insight, thinking as follows: all teachings of the Buddha are perfect teachings…” the quote goes on, “just as darkness is dispelled when light appears mere calm abiding meditation cannot make pristine awareness more pure, nor can it eliminate the darkness of the things we find obscure… Therefore, engaging in calm abiding meditation I shall search for suchness with wisdom, and I shall not remain content with calm abiding alone.


What is it that makes plants grow? We know that plants are rooted in the earth. It is the rain that provides nourishment. Plants grow towards the sunlight or the source. One droplet of water is enough to show us krishna. We are able to see the Tao in this droplet of water. In that one waterdroplet we can find an entire abode as vast as the Tao. What we see in a waterdroplet on a leaf in the sunlight after a rain is as much of a path to our grasp of Krishna as the ocean.
The sight of the stars at night over the horizon is in fact a looking glass into the Tao. Each sun is a source of light or a center of a moving force of elements. As the earth is moving all of the time as is the universe. Even in our material realm the elements are representative of Krishna or the source. For a plant the source is the sun or the sunlight, the rain being an element needed for the plant to grow. Just as the earth is a platform for the plant it is a plain for mankind. As a plant grows towards the sun it is our nature to be drawn towards Krishna or the eternal Tao.
For us to be swallowed up or absorbed to Krishna or the Tao we must first follow the right path. Our mindset has to be true. We must see life as it is. Our thoughts have to be as pure as the droplet of water.
The same as we cultivate a plant we must root our character traits in order for our thoughts to grow. As our thoughts grow we gain wisdom and our insight gets to be as deep as the ocean. The concepts we were never able to fathom end up in our grasp.
Once we are mindful of the Tao we will find our focus. Our spiritual progress is rooted in how we percieve the world or the universe around us. Once we realize that our source be it Krishna or the Tao is the same as the droplet of water on the leaf of a plant we will find true knowledge.  Then in fact we know we are on the right path.




ATMA is also a JIVA the individual self who is a minute part of KRISNA or the eternal TAO




the SANKARACARYA concept is that there is that the self is one




with KRISNA or the eternal TAO




the BUDDHA often spoke of the self




the aspects of the Eightfold Path are the discipline of true BUDDHIST thought




out of the work of H. Saddhatissa in THE LIFE OF THE BUDDHA




Right Understanding means seeing life as it is as well as realizing the nature of existence as summed up in the Four Noble Truths




Right Thought means a pure mind




Right Speech means cultivating the same characteristics in ones words as in ones thoughts




Right Action or Right Livelihood are straightforward




Right Effort is constituting a moral training through which the other obligations of the Eightfold Path can be fulfilled




Right Mindfulness is the development of intellectual awareness in the service of spiritual progress




Right Concentration is the practice of meditation that leads to the full grasp or understanding of the impermanence of things with the focus on NIRVANA .




The Shinto believe the gods once drove a spear into the Ocean. The beads of saltwater that fell from the end of the spear formed into an island. The gods descended to the island to build a pillar. The two danced around it producing the eight main islands of Japan.




Tendai Buddhism


In the mountain school students were to remain on the mountain assigned to the repair of ponds, canals, to rebuild after landslides, the construction of bridges and ships, planting trees, sowing hemp and grasses, and digging wells.


The Tendai sought to attain a state of spiritual enlightenment to merge into Nirvana. The transfer of merit is how a monk avoided the law of karma through his own will.




Shingon Buddhism


A blend of Confucian or Taoist thought integrated into the ideals of Indian sripts the teacher found in his travels of China to the border of India. The Shingon focus was on magical spells. The Tibetian root also noted the factor of the deities in the austerities. The Shingon worked on the sacred mantras, practiced the sacred gestures, and studied the mandalas or the sacred pictures. The Shingon meditation out of the work of India had a focus on the cosmic Buddha. The Shingon sought out the realization of the Buddha or his Dharma in this lifetime. The parallel to Nirvana or escape is Satori, the awareness of the Buddha in this world.








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