Eka Dantham Upasmahe

Greetings dear chubby elephant,

I thought of staying at home today as it is your special day but you probably wanted to tell me Karma Yoga is very important Thanks a lot for sending me to work today.

I feel guilty about serving just fruits [branded ones my Lord, the sort with fancy stickers on them] this morning .

You cannot escape my attempts at making modak though .If not today, you will get them some other day. Thought I’d give you a fair warning.

Just last year, around the same time, my beloved brothers who love to make up theories called you a foreigner- God. Their sense of timing is always good.

You are a Prasanna vadhana and you smiled as you must do always .You must have flapped your pink translucent ears in amusement. You must have shaken your head too gently. Indigenous or foreign, elephants are adorable.

Baby elephants practically melt the helpless hearts of mothers who once might have possessed a few milligrams of this thing called intellect [what' s that?] in their poor heads.

You are one of a kind. I cannot think of any human or Devata, for that matter , who would look adorable for those hopelessly sentimental folks who like to adore.At the same time, you can also be the repository of gnana for those who seek Gnana. Talking about looks, I want to say this too. The last time I saw a full moon I wondered why he hid his fair face so frequently behind grey clouds.It turns out he is still feeling ashamed about the fact that he laughed at your appearance once. Everytime he is reminded of this incident, he feels shy and he is forced to hide himself behind a cloud.

A lesson for all those who judge a book by its cover. I have done that many times and that many times you have reminded me it' s a wrong thing to do. But it took that many lessons as I am not a very good student.

Regarding poor Chandra, he wasn't a mother so couldn't appreciate your chubby countenance ,your round belly, the ears that flap gently , the single tusk , the fold in your chubby wrists, and more than anything else, your raised right palm, the abhaya hasta, that drives away all fear. You being you , forgave him and gave him a chance to appreciate your beauty. You love to play games and that is what makes you even more endearing. Poor Agastya didn't bargain for that when you toppled his kamandalu containing Kaveri , you put an end to river disputes then. In one shot, a valuable lesson was taught to proud Kaveri as well as the sage. A young woman called Avvai prayed to you , when she heard she was engaged to be married. The lady wanted to become an old woman as she wanted to attain Gnana and she wanted to get out of samsara and marriagehood!. No shopping expeditions, no appointments with herbal beauty clinics. We can only admire such people, dear chubby elephant. We look for the nearest reflective surface everytime someone hands some sacred ash that should be worn on our foreheads.

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Vanity feels good for now, but I know it can't last long and before it's too late, please place your baby elephant trunk on the arrogant head . This, you know is an authorisation. Regarding Avvai,you must have heard her plea instantly as you do with many mundane requests and you must have flapped your ears in glee.

One more person seeking Gnana!

With your help, she reached the Kailash that people like me can only imagine (poorly) you lifted her up with your trunk and dropped her there at Kailash before her " male co-workers" reached there. That is the power of your "green channel."


Sor padham kadhandha

Duriya mei Gnana

Athpudham ninRa

KaRapaga kalirae!

Avvai sings.

Beyond words and verses

In the duriya state

Dwells the elephant,

The Kalpaka tree.

To remember another episode,that island- born author wanted to write his magnum opus and he thought he needed a scribe. You were just waiting for this opportunity and materialised right before him. Your eyes must have glinted in amusement as you laid a pre-condition to him. "Dictate fast, Oh Rishi , else, I stop taking notes! See that there is no pause in the narration!" A lesser man would have given up but who was he after all? Another form of your beloved uncle, the ultimate mayavi.



He responds by saying that you should not be a mere note-taker who doesn't understand the meaning of what he writes. He challenges you that you should not write anything without knowing the deeper meaning in the verses.

When I read stuff like "The articulation of spaces in progression that ultimately transcends reality [ oh, yeah?] and built spaces that are meant to be a paradigm shift that reflects the deepest thought processes of …"[ you may understand what this means, but I don't] ,I wince.

May be this may only mean someone writes things he doesn't want anyone to understand. That is intellectual stuff and I can see you smiling just now.
But your uncle and you are a different team altogether. He makes up knotty verses and looks at the scribe through the corner of his eyes and the scribe shakes his beautiful elephant head and writes it down after understanding it.
It was a game watched by all the beings, human and those who were above that level with bated breadth. Uncle and nephew wanted to play a game and the world is now richer by a Maha tale.

I am sure a collective sigh of relief must have been heard in the all the Worlds when the magnum opus was dictated fully and when the scribe finished writing it down. After all who can take a suspense? Not even the Devatas.

But for you, we might have never got the magnum opus. And that ultimate sacrifice , I am talking about the fact that you broke your tusk in a second and continued writing when you needed another writing tool. For the love of literature or for the love of your Uncle? Whatever, that was heard in all the Worlds and a collective gasp was heard too. Eka dantha, who else but you could have done something like that?


Your uncle heard that and he gasped too but a challenge is a challenge and he continued narrating. Did you do that on purpose to rattle him? No, you certainly didn't and you wanted to show us that a magnum opus cannot be written without pain and sacrifice. Some say you got that Danth broken in a war. Whichever way that broken danth is a symbol of sacrifice and determination.

Yours is one form that anyone can make ,and you would gladly fill the form with your energy if the request was made in earnest. My mothers, even after this many years of experience in making goodies, make a conical form with rice dough and pray to you that the goodies turn out well. You don't mind that at all and you are always glad to help out. The goodies turn out very well indeed.

They then request you to kindly leave the form so that they can use the dough without wasting it [If food was wasted, your mother Annapoorani would be upset and who would want to upset her?]. You probably shake your beautiful head in the affirmative, smile and leave the form. You look beautiful in any sketched image as well, however abstract it may be or however elaborate it may be. You look wonderful in the page of this website, in the little symbol I draw sometimes on papers , in the many different ways people depict you. The ancestors of the people who say you are a foreigner , it seems , once went around breaking your images. The ancestors of all the irrationalists of today responded by installing your images everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

You sit under trees, by the side of rivers , just about everywhere in my home state that so loves foreign Gods! Your true home is the humble hearts of devotees. Men and women visit your temples in hordes and many of them ask you to unite them with their sweethearts. They have grown up on the stories about you and the couples are reminded of the prank you played to unite Subramanya and VaLLi. You wore your elephant form, scared the poor woman and she ran straight in to your waiting brother's arms. Incidentally he was wearing the form of an old man at that time.

Some team work ! Some boyish pranks you both played then! If every Skanda had a Poorvaja like you he wouldn't have to make any amateurish plans to win his sweetheart. But is it only romance and nothing else? A good Guru would do anything to unite the pining part with the whole. If that includes scaring the part in to running straight in to the waiting whole's arms, it would be done too. Some time, in the next million years or so, you would do the same to this miniscule part of the one and only complete whole.

Mudakaraatha Modakam Sada Vimukti Saadhakam

Kalaadharaavatamsakam Vilasiloka Rakshakam

Anaaya Kaika Naayakam Vinasitebha Daityakam

Nataasubhasu Naashakam Namaami Tham Vinaayakam.

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