Existentially Non Existent…

From me, Lord Venkateshwara

I don’t know when I came here, but it should have been several centuries before. From those days to this day there have been lot of changes around me.

Once upon a time, I used to see a vast empty space behind my ‘praharam’. There used to be less number of people wishing to see me that time. It is difficult to climb seven hills and reach me. Only those who are bent on getting their wishes fulfilled from me would bother to climb up all the way and come.


<>Now I can’t see beyond ‘dwajasthambam’. Even that I am able to see only partially. There are a lot of structures everywhere. People who are coming to me have grown manifold. Now-a-days, you think, you wish to see me, you can board a bus and come to me directly. Still you may have to stand for 3-4 hours in queue, but that is not as difficult as it was in those days.

In the very initial days, it was only the tribes living here, who performed all the rituals. And then I started seeing a new set of people performing new poojas. New people bought over the place from the tribes. In between again there was a problem. For some time my place was closed. Nobody came near me. And then one day another set of people started performing pooja’s on me. And their traditions are continuing today.

When these tribes were worshipping me, there was no difference amongst them. Anyone could seek my blessings. Then when new set of people came, they allowed only somebody and not somebody else. For long time this was the system. Some decade back, they started allowing everybody.

But now I am seeing they are again going back to the same discrimination system. They are allowing some people (VIP’s) to come closer and stay longer with me, while others are being whisked away from a distance.

The world is going round and round. I keep smiling all the time.

Reaction follows Action

But people are changing. Those days, my pooja’s would be performed with all sincerity. Now I can see that people are just paying lip service. Many things are running in their mind, while their lips are chanting words praising me.

That day, there was this priest who was performing the ‘Archana’ on me. There was this ‘VIP’, who was allowed to come much closer to me and was staying there for long time. This priest, as he was performing the pooja, was thinking about the relationship between VIP and an actor. He was thinking how that beautiful actor had got into a relation with this ugly looking VIP. "It should all be for money.. If I had sufficient money, I could also get her probably" he continued his thinking…

The priest approached the VIP and gave the archana plate to him. He told the VIP "Please take the saranya plate..". His brain twisted his tongue to say saranya instead of archana, as he was thinking of saranya and not archana. The VIP was very much upset. The priest lost his job.

Sometimes reactions happen fast. Action and reaction cannot be stopped. They keep going round and round. I keep smiling all the time.

Reaction cannot be stopped

That day I saw this hefty man coming to me. He makes money in every opportunity. And also in place there are no opportunities. Every year he comes to me and drops a big bundle into my Hundi. He will go down to the plains and stay in a hotel there. In the next day newspaper he would find the news item that somebody has dropped a large sum of money in Hundi. Once he finds it, he will leave for his town.
He thinks he is sharing his loot with me. He does not understand he is not. As he was entering my place, the man’s cell phone rang. Somebody talked money to him. He could not hold himself. He came near me with half-mind on me and half-mind on money. Once he went out, he started talking to that person. The whole purpose of his journey was not fulfilled.
Since he has got money, he thinks he is already blessed. Actually he is already suffering for his actions. He does not know where he is suffering. Some of his sufferings are in his physical body. People who benefit from him including his children, suffer in variety of ways. In their mind, in their bodies, in their relationships.. Since he could not relate action and reaction, he thinks I am his partner in his doings and I am actively conniving with him.
Next year, this time, he will find who his partner really is. Sometimes reactions happen slowly. But reaction cannot be stopped. It would keep coming to you. I keep smiling all the time.

All actions are reactions
There is this couple, who prayed to me for curing their son’s brain tumor. They were all tears, from entry gate to exit gate. They were completely submerged in their wishes for their son. They have their inner power raised.

They will face their life confidently with this inner power. This inner power gives them a major confidence boost to handle the situation.

Yes his tumor will be removed. The doctors would be successful in treating it now. Their son will recover and live for another 6 years. It will recur again after 6 years and he will die.
He is suffering his own self. This person cheated the government and got a job for himself. If he has not cheated the government, he would have got a different job and gone on a different path of life. Instead he chose the path of cheating, which appeared safest and attractive to him at that time. But it has landed him with this problem. He does not know how.
Being a government employee, he felt constrained in his career pursuits. He sent his son out at the first instance of a global opportunity, as the urge to get his son on a better career was very high. His son went to Egypt and worked in a Telecom company. His son was submerged in high power radio environment on towers all the time. This caused the brain tumor.
He does not even remember now that he got a job after cheating the government. He has forgotten that. I did not stand here and cause brain tumor to his son. He caused it to himself.
But who knows? He might have done something else and caused some other reaction, which is much worse than this, if he did not get the government job.
He can forget his actions. Reaction won’t. It will always follow the action. All actions are reactions to some actions. I keep smiling all the time.

Spiraling actions and Reactions

Yesterday, my place was surrounded with Black Cats. A very famous politician with ‘Z’ category came to me. He was allowed to almost hug me.

The priests fell on one another to perform poojas for him. For 4 hours they stopped others from seeing me. They gave my exclusive darshan to this person.

Unlike all others, he walked in directly. He stood there and started praying. He wanted a long political career. He wanted to retain his central minister-ship. He knew his party will not remain in power for long. But he wanted to extend it as much as possible.
After few minutes of praying, his anxiety calmed down a bit. He prayed that he would give a diamond-studded crown to me, if his party remains in power for 5 years.
But he cannot escape the suffering of his self. Next week his government itself will not be there. He thinks I can save it. He came to power through backdoor. He has to quit through the same door.
Action (his desire for power) and Reaction (his political career) are with him. Desires and ambitions keep going round and round. They spiral. They cannot be stopped. I keep smiling all the time.

Existentially Non-Existent

I do not intervene. I don’t initiate action. I don’t initiate reaction. I allow people to suffer their own self.
Some people say that I do not exist. They are correct. Actually I do not exist. I do not react to anything, anytime. I allow people to suffer their own self. It is same as non-existent.
Some people say I exist and I bless them. They are also right. I am the crutch they hold on mentally. When they pray, they get either confidence or peace of mind. They think and take decisions with the confidence that I am always there to help them. Hence I do exist. I help these people from being inside them. Without me, they cannot live. I make these people help themselves.
I keep smiling all the time. I stand here and keep looking at all the actions and reactions going on around me.
I am existentially non-existent.


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